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Casey Daniels | Do You Believe in Ghosts?
Author Guest / July 19, 2010

As a kid, I remembering not only wondering if they were real, but being terrified of ghost stories. Things that go bump in the night had a way of making me peer into shadows and wonder . . .what was lurking out there? Then in high school, I met Mary. She was in my grade, a tall girl with flowing hair. Mary told ghost stories like some of us talked about what we were going to wear to the next Friday night dance. Her family had a long tradition (fact or fiction?) of living in haunted houses, and every chance she got, Mary talked about their experiences. Mysterious hand prints that could never be removed from walls. Noises. Specters. Messages from beyond the grave. Back in the day before staying with friends was called a “sleep over,” we called them “pajama parties,” and the highlight of every pajama party was a story from Mary that had us all squealing and finding it impossible to sleep. Fast forward a bunch of years (you didn’t really expect me to tell you how many, did you?). We were adults, both of us with children and careers. I was writing romance (historical and contemporary)….

Fresh Pick | DEAD MAN TALKING by Casey Daniels
Fresh Pick / June 30, 2010

Pepper Martin Mysteries, No. 5 October 2009 On Sale: October 6, 2009 304 pages ISBN: 0425230740 EAN: 9780425230749 Mass Market Paperback $7.99 Add to Wish List Paranormal, Mystery Buy at Hurry to catch up on the Pepper Martin series. Tomb With A View, the next book in the series hits shelves on July 6. Dead Man Talking by Casey Daniels Heiress-turned-cemetery-tour-guide Pepper Martin is not happy to discover that a local reality TV show, Cemetery Survivor, will be filmed at Cleveland’s Monroe Street Cemetery-and she has to be a part of it. To make matters worse, the ghost of a wrongly convicted killer needs Pepper’s help to clear his name. But digging for the truth could put her in grave danger. The fifth book in the Pepper Martin Mystery Series Excerpt The ghosts were waiting for me when I arrived at Monroe Street Cemetery that morning. I figured they would be. They’d been hanging around my office at Garden View Cemetery ever since the day a couple weeks earlier when my boss, Ella Silverman, informed me that instead of leading tours through Garden View that summer, I would be spending my time working on a restoration project at Monroe…