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Kristen Strassel | Get to Know Sophie Whynot
Author Guest / May 9, 2019

My name is Sophie Whynot. I’m thirty-two years old, and the last one of my immediate friends group that’s still single. And recently, I ran away from home. I can’t lie—it was much easier when I was seven. Then I just got pissed at my mom, threw my favorite stuffed animals in a bag, and hid out at my aunt’s house until Mom came to collect me. Running away as an adult is much more involved. First I had a nervous breakdown at my best friend’s baby shower. That led to a lot of people unfriending me on social media, but whatever. Then I had to quit my job, break the lease on my apartment, and sell all my stuff. Now I’m at my Gran’s house in Summerland, Tennessee, starting over. It’s totally freeing being back at square one. No one in Summerland knows me. I can be anyone I want to be. Right now, I want to get my sex toy review blog off the ground. It’s more than just the top ten best vibrators (the research was pretty fun, except for that cheap one that short-circuited, but you’ll have to check out my blog for the details.). I…

Richard A. Knaak | Top 5 Unexpected Twists
Author Guest / March 27, 2019

It should be no surprise to both readers and writers that often a story will take turns not originally expected by the author. I’ve had this happen, but never so much as with my BLACK CITY SAINT series. Here, then, are the five that caught me most off-guard. 1) Minor characters who refused to be so minor – It’s nice to have a world populated by more than just the main characters. Each novel has its share of minor ones who, hopefully, give it more depth. One of the earliest was Barnaby, who was meant to be someone who Nick had helped, and so provided him with occasional transportation. Then I began to think about why Barnaby had needed Nick’s help, which brought in another supposedly minor character — Joseph, Barnaby’s son, and a very bad egg who had run afoul of Nick. Suddenly, the history of this pair turned the storyline I was working on in an utterly different direction. Joseph’s secret involvement with the Wingfoot Express airship disaster and how Barnaby now sought to help his son, currently a resident of the Dunning mental facility, have become essential elements of the series. 2) History lending a hand to…

Fresh Pick | BREATH OF FIRE by Tammy Kane
Uncategorized / September 26, 2009

July 2009On Sale: June 30, 2009304 pages ISBN: 0505528169EAN: 9780505528162Mass Market Paperback$6.99 Fantasy Historical, Romance Paranormal Buy at Breath of Fireby Tammy Kane When the dragon came to claim him, Karl knew his great plan had gone horribly wrong. If he had known the creature was real, he wouldn’t have scoffed at the villagers…and he certainly wouldn’t have been so quick to let them chain him to a rock. Mattaen Initiates trained as warriors, but no man could defeat a dragon. She had vanquished the beast and named her price: one night with the virgin sacrifice she’d saved. He’d taken a vow of chastity, but Karl still had a man’s needs—and Elera’s sultry curves made him ache to taste his first woman. With a scorching kiss she shattered his defenses…and led him into a world of deception and seduction, where he’d be forced to choose between the brotherhood that had raised him and the woman whose courage set his heart on fire. An exciting and unique twist on the fantasy world of dragons. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | THE DRAGON MASTER by Allyson James
Uncategorized / September 24, 2009

Dragon #3 November 2008On Sale: November 4, 2008Featuring: Seth; Carol Juan304 pages ISBN: 0425224716EAN: 9780425224717Mass Market Paperback$6.99 Paranormal, Romance Paranormal Buy at The Dragon Masterby Allyson James The power is aroused. The passion burns. He’s big, hot, and not of this world. The third in this erotic paranormal series. A Fire Dragon summoned here by a dangerous mage inflames the passion in the human female he has chosen to become his mate. Will the Fire Dragon find his human mate in time to thwart an evil mage who’s after his powers? Excerpt Chapter One He didn’t know where he was, or who he was, or why he was. He stood upright in a naked human body in a dark, cold place that smelled metallic, damp, and oily. The only light came from a crude lamp set high on a wall, a flickering orb surrounded by insects craving brightness. He didn’t blame them. A few moments ago, his world had been one of heat and light and now he stood in terrifying cold and darkness. The dim light showed dirty walls and hard stones with letters scrawled beside a solid door. For some reason he could read the letters, though…

Fresh Pick | DRAGONS PREFER BLONDES by Candace Havens
Candace Havens / September 24, 2009

Caruthers Sisters #2July 2009On Sale: July 7, 2009Featuring: Alex Caruthers; Ginjin; Jake304 pages ISBN: 0425227804EAN: 9780425227800Trade Size$14.00 Fantasy Urban, Romance Paranormal Buy at Dragons Prefer Blondesby Candace Havens Fighting evil in four-inch Pradas… Second in the paranormal series featuring the Caruthers sisters, party girls who save the world—between cocktails. Alex Caruthers is a sassy socialite who knows when it’s time to turn in her dancing shoes and kick some serious dragon booty. But when Ginjin—the dragon warrior who’s tried to kill her numerous times—chooses her as his mate, Alex finds herself in a situation that’s too hot to handle. For help she turns to Jake, head of Caruthers security—and a total hottie in a suit—and asks him to pose as her boyfriend. Their relationship might be fake, but Alex can’t deny that one touch from Jake makes her burn hotter than any dragon could. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Angie Fox |Real bikers don’t wear pink – And other lessons I learned on the road
Uncategorized / October 22, 2008

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a girly girl. I like my silver jewelry, I own way too many purses and I can spot a nail salon from 100 yards. So it was a bit of a surprise, even to me, when I found myself calling up Harley bikers and asking if we could get together. Oh and if they could possibly bring their dogs?… But hey, I’m a writer and research is part of the job. In this case, I’d set out to write a paranormal about a straight-laced preschool teacher turned demon slayer who has to run off with a gang of geriatric biker witches. Plus, my heroine has a smart-mouthed dog that, thanks to her new powers, can talk…and talk…and talk. In order to get the real story on Harley riders (and their dogs) I went online and learned that there is a nationwide club of bikers who ride with their dogs. So my heroine could have her snow white Harley, and her Jack Russell Terrier too. Of course I had to meet these hard riding dog lovers. Turns out, they were way more friendly than I’d ever imagined. They invited me into their homes, introduced…

Angie Fox | How I sold my first book.
Romance / July 28, 2008

Or: Everything I needed to know, I learned from George Costanza I’ve always loved to read, so it was no surprise to anyone when I eventually decided to write a book of my own. When I did, I attacked it head on. I planned, I worked, I outlined more than any woman should. The end result? I wrote three mysteries that didn’t sell. I don’t know how many of you watch Seinfeld, but there is a time in George’s life where he decides what he’s been doing hasn’t been working, so he decides to do the opposite. That’s what I did with my books. I’d been writing serious mysteries, with lots of science and research involved. They’d generated some interest, enough to almost, almost sell. But nothing quite happened. To take my mind off the latest mystery making the rounds with agents, I decided to write something completely different, a funny paranormal romance where I could build my own world and make up my own rules. I fell in love with the idea of a preschool teacher who is forced to run off with a gang of geriatric biker witches and The Accidental Demon Slayer was born. Instead of a…

Jade Lee | It’s All In The Accessories!
Uncategorized / March 21, 2008

My mother always stressed accessories in dressing. Me, I wanted to be DOING something, not fussing with finding the perfect earrings (which always fell out) or the best necklace (which banged against things when I played). The worst, of course, was when she criticized my footwear. I was a sneaker girl. Actually, I didn’t mind nice shoes. A good pair of heels could give me a lift. But I HATED pantyhose. And since every good girl (in my mother’s mind) wore nylon stockings with her shoes, I became all about the sneakers. She allowed me to wear footies with athletic wear. (Remember footies? Cotton socks with little balls on the end or low socks that weren’t even seen beneath your Keds? Much better than pantyhose!) Well, childhood habits (or traumas) shape the adult persona. I became one of those women who silently abhor her LACK of a shoe fetish. I never understood the desire to wear 5 inch platforms or those spike heels that left pock marks in the linoleum. Pedicures felt good, but why get the nail polish when no one ever sees it? In short—I wore athletic shoes. Good, closed toed, comfortable, arch-supported New Balance footwear. And then…