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Shana Gray | Girls Weekend Away!
Author Guest / April 19, 2019

I’d love to hear about your wildest weekend away with your friends. Where did you go, what did you do, what silly things happen, and does somebody need bail money? LOL just kidding. My time away with friends are usually twofold. The rowdiest times are usually with my friends when we are conferences, we have the absolute best times! Dancing, partying, eating, drinking, laughing, just being silly and having a blast. A few years ago in NYC, a bunch of us were headed to lunch and came across a fire station. One of the firemen was changing, so of course, I had to get his photo and then wrangled everyone up for a photo op. Conferences are such a great way to see my friends that are scattered across the globe when we all congregate in one place. For when I go away with my girlfriends, a weekend away at a house, cottage, or an overnight stay at a hotel, where we all meet up and have fun. Sometimes just a night in with a glass of wine and nibblies or simply going out for dinner is such a great way to reconnect. I realize how important girlfriends were to…

Shana Gray | Meet Me in San Francisco
Author Guest / September 28, 2018

Have you been to San Francisco? What about Napa Valley, or Muir Woods? If you haven’t, then I encourage you to pick up a copy of MEET ME IN SAN FRANCISCO. It’s the second book in my Girls Weekend Away. The first book came out in July WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, THE NASHVILLE BET comes out in December and we have to wait until Valentine’s Day next year for A MATCH MADE IN MONACO. If you haven’t read the first book, don’t worry, because each book was written as a standalone with interconnecting characters. So you can read them in any order, although I would recommend reading the last book last. I went to San Francisco in 1998, with my mom. And I must say I think I left my heart there. I fell in love with San Francisco, or the City as they call it, and never San Fran I was told. Mom and I did some wonderful sightseeing, including Muir Woods. I loved it so much I simply had to put it in the book. I hope I captured the essence of the place. Even if it was only a little bit of what it was like to walk…