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Heather Slade | Identical Twins have a Connection, but what is it?
Author Guest / November 14, 2017

“Are you really interested, or is it a show to get back at the ex-girlfriend?” Tucker asked his brother. “Her name is Irene. And yes, I’m interested.” “You’re sure?” “Did you see her? She’s magnificent.” Tucker agreed. She was magnificent. Her violet-hued eyes had sparkled when she met his gaze, stirring something in him that he hadn’t felt in a long while. He’d almost reached forward to run his fingers through her silky dark hair. “Can’t you feel it?” Tucker asked, but his brother turned away without answering. Sometimes he wondered if he could feel Jace more than his twin could feel him. Even if they were a thousand miles apart, Tucker felt his twin’s turmoil. This is only one example of the connection between the twin brothers, who also happen to be hotter-than-all-get-out cowboys, in KISS ME COWBOY. So, is there really such a thing as a psychological connection between identical twins? According to studies, as many as one in five identical twins claim to share a special psychic connection, but is it coincidence, or is it truly psychic powers? A connection wouldn’t necessarily have to be mysterious. Any two people who know each other very well and who…

History and Inspiration: Cambria and Paso Robles Wine Country
Author Guest / October 17, 2017

THE SECRET, the third book in the Butler Ranch series, is set on the Central Coast of California, one of my favorite places on earth. I started visiting this area with my mom when I was a little girl, and through the years, it became my place. Regardless of who I took along with me, we always stayed in one of the inns or motels on Moonstone Beach Road in Cambria. In the first two books, THE PROMISE and THE TRUCE, the characters Peyton and Alex live in Cambria, and its Main Street is the location for Stave. Cambria is a seaside village in San Luis Obispo County, California, midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, along California State Route 1. The name Cambria, chosen in 1869, is the Latin name for Wales. The village is situated amidst Monterey pines, in one of only three such native forests. Every book in this series includes multiple scenes on the Moonstone Beach and its boardwalk. Famous for its dramatic coastline and breathtaking views, this one-mile-long section of oceanfront is a great place to view sea otters, whales and dolphins, or simply soak up the sun, while sinking your toes in the sand….

Top 5 Reasons to LOVE Crested Butte, CO
Author Guest / October 9, 2017

DANCE WITH ME is the second book in the Cowboys of Crested Butte series. It tells the story of Billy Patterson and Renie Fairchild, who we met in FALL FOR ME, the series’ first book. If I had to pick my favorite character in all the books I’ve written, Billy is in the top two or three. Billy has that swagger that only a world champion saddle bronc rider, and all around hot, hunky, handsome cowboys possesses. Renie Fairchild is not only his best friend, she’s the girl next door, and Billy can’t decide whether he wants to wring her neck or kiss her senseless. Crested Butte, Colorado is one of my favorite places on earth, and why I set this series in the mountain town. Here is a list of the top five best things to do in Crested Butte. Ski! The mountain resort is ranked in the top fifteen places to ski in the United States, and a couple years ago won BEST SKI TOWN in North America. Whether you’re into downhill skiing, extreme skiing or Nordic skiing, Crested Butte has it all in spades. Wild Flower Festival This weeklong festival, started in 1986, takes place the second…