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Kate Carley | Love In an Airport
Author Guest / September 29, 2021

You know the scene. That one where the hero races through the airport to catch his sweetheart before she boards the plane and soars out of his life forever. It’s a moment in countless stories, both in print and in cinema, where we cheer for the couple and maybe even become a little misty-eyed. But really, what would you do if you were faced with the potential of losing the best thing in your life? Many great love stories feature an airport or airplane scene, often in those final moments of the story when all hope seems lost. That’s when one of the characters realizes the depth of their feelings and risks everything to declare their love. Here are my top five favorite airport/airplane scenes from movies and television: Love Actually: This movie is unique in that it starts and ends in Heathrow airport. As the movie opens, we see various couples and families happily hugging their loved ones at the arrival gate. At the end of the movie, we watch as a dad, played by Liam Neeson, rushes his son through the airport so that the young boy can express his feelings to a classmate who is moving away….

Meet Kate Carley
Author Guest / February 27, 2018

Writes: Small-town contemporary romance. I’m launching my new series, Crawford Falls, beginning with the release of book #1 HELPING HER REMEMBER. About: Fun-loving, down-to-earth romance author seeks readers for a steamy reunion story starring a sexy and slightly reckless hero who is balancing the responsibilities of his family’s apple orchard with a father in the early stages of dementia and a kind-hearted heroine who returns to her hometown after accepting her dream job, knowing she’ll be forced to face the truth about why she left seven years ago. What I’m looking for in my ideal reader: Loves a hero who could be the guy next door or the well-dressed gentleman sipping a latte at the local coffee shop or the athletic-looking dude selecting produce in the grocery store. Appreciates a strong heroine whose life is fully complete without a man in it. Enjoys the nostalgia and community found in a small town. Finds a rich layer of quirky and eclectic friends to be a decadent treat that can bring a bit of comic relief at the same time providing support to the hero and heroine. Chooses to spend some Saturday nights curled up with a good book and a glass…