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Author/Reader Match: Lisa Renee Jones
MatchMaker / March 28, 2018

Writes: Romance, Romantic Suspense, or in the case of my newest release, MURDER NOTES, book one in my Lilah Love series out on March 27th, is Romantic Suspense, with a heavy leaning towards the suspense side of the story. However Lilah does have a forbidden fruit of a man in her life, that she just can’t stay away from and he’s not about to let her succeed when she tries. About: New York Times bestselling author with weakness for coffee and chocolate. I love to write kickass heroines, sexy men and plots that will (hopefully) have you guessing and breathless until the very end. I have a husband who to enables my previously mentioned weaknesses when he knows what’s good for him. We currently reside in Colorado where there’s plenty of snow and cool weather to satisfy our native-Texan hearts. What I’m looking for in my ideal reader match: Enjoys female-led suspense Likes damaged, dark characters Likes a little danger with their men Doesn’t mind if the lead characters toe the line between good and bad Loves a story where everything could be a clue, and tries to figure out the mystery as reading What to expect if we’re compatible:…

Lisa Renee Jones | The Inspiration Behind INSIDE OUT
Author Guest / August 20, 2014

The perfect love story in a Barnes and Noble? That’s what happened to me and it’s my love story. It’s also a story heavily on my mind as book 4 NO IN BETWEEN is released on 8-19, since the love of my life helped inspire me to write the Inside Out series, which is now in development for cable TV. So this is how it all began…. Long before my career took off, I was in a Barnes and Noble at the New Release rack, dreaming of the day my books might be there, when my now husband, also a book addict, approach me. From there, love bloomed, and the story gets even better. Diego was a physical therapist, laid off when the office had financial troubles and I was a starving artist. We began auction hunting AKA Storage Wars before Storage Wars existed. During that time, Diego found a journal and started reading. I often jokes he was such a chick reading it. Someone is dead next door! She’s pregnant again! WHAT is she thinking? He decided right then I needed to write a story where someone finds a journal in a storage unit and either someone dies or…

Lisa Renee Jones | The Legend Begins… Michael
Author Guest / May 2, 2011

Thanks for having me today! I had the first opportunity to see Michael in the shelves at Barnes and Noble this weekend so that was pretty darn exciting.  It feels that Michael has been a long time coming. I first started envisioning the story during a time when I use to travel to Vegas several times a year. I started out in denial that I would EVER gamble, and so I explored the city. Of course, I later developed a real love for roulette, but thankfully not until the city caught fire in my blood. Once I found the roulette table, I was hooked, but even that fun game couldn’t overshadow the excitement and energy of Vegas. The series has lots of that Vegas energy I so adore, and I hope readers will enjoy experiencing it through my characters. Aside from the Vegas flavor, the Zodius series is about a group of Special Forces soldiers that were told they were receiving immunizations and instead received injections of experimental alien DNA. These soldiers become immune to all human illness, but they also develop very special skills — super speed, super strength, and they can travel with the wind. Some even develop…