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Mari Carr’s Top Five Favorite Movies
Author Guest / December 4, 2017

Mari Carr is the author of over 80 erotic, contemporary and romantic suspense stories. Her latest release with co-author, Jayne Rylon, INTO THE FIRE, released today! Mari Carr’s Top Five Favorite Movies Star Wars series. Not all of them because I’m sorry—Episodes 1-3 suck, but anything from the original franchise (yes, I saw all of them IN the theater) and the newest ones—episode 7 and Rogue One. Hidden Figures. It’s new to my faves list, but damn, man, that movie is powerful and beautiful and wonderful. You’ve Got Mail. Spent Thanksgiving weekend doing a “T. Hanks Giving” marathon and while I realize there’s always a lot of hype around Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail is WAY better. I mean…Tom and Meg actually TALK prior to the last five minutes of the movie in this one! Harry Potter series. All of them. Know every single line. Honest! Also—I never watch one without a wand in my hand. Overboard. Greatest movie ever! Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, a yacht and mini-golf. Hollywood magic. INTO THE FIRE by Jayne Rylon, Mari Carr Compass Boys #2 James Compton is a man of two worlds. For half the year, he’s Seth’s oldest boy, working with…

Mari Carr | On Writing MARCH WIND
Author Guest / September 19, 2017

There are several themes in MARCH WIND, things that have begun to come clearer to me as I’ve watched loved ones deal with serious health concerns, and as I’ve tried to face some of my own fears about death. Love doesn’t stop when someone discovers they’re dying. If anything, love seems to be the one thing that grows stronger, rings out more truly, because people become less afraid to say how they feel. Why is it so hard to look at those we care about on an ordinary, nothing’s happening Wednesday and say, “I love you” or “You matter to me” or “You make my life better”? Those words shouldn’t be reserved for times when we fear we’re losing the ones we love. They should be spoken every day…without reservation. Life is too short to hide who you truly are. There is a freedom in feeling comfortable enough to say, “This is me. Warts and all.” Life is hard enough. Wearing a mask and pretending to be someone we aren’t only adds to the struggle. You want to know who I am? I’m an overweight, middle-aged wife and mother who drinks way too much wine, curses her ever-growing curves and…