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May Peterson | 20 Questions: THE CALYX CHARM
Author Guest / July 15, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? THE CALYX CHARM 2–What is it about? It’s the third book in the Sacred Dark series, so it’s also about resurrection, second chances, and found families. This one in particular features star-crossed lovers, Violetta and Tibario, who come from feuding households. Tibario died during this feud, only to return to life as a blessed cat-soul. Violetta, a seer, has foretold the destruction of the world as they know it due to the escalation of their families’ battle. So when Tibario returns to her with an apocalypse hanging over them, they have a chance to start again and create a new future together.  3–What do you love about the setting of your book?  I absolutely loved writing a setting in which trans people are part of the cultural background. I also love the fantasy drama of grandiose witches and primeval spirits, set around resurrection, dark sorcery, and thunderous prophecies. It’s meant a lot to me to tie all these together with flairs of swashbuckling romanticism. 4–How did Violetta surprise you?  It felt like Violetta was one surprise after another. She was a complicated character to write because her story is so personal, so…

May Peterson | Title Challenge: THE IMMORTAL CITY
Author Guest / August 6, 2020

The Immortal City is the second standalone book in The Sacred Dark series from acclaimed author May Peterson. This lush fantasy romance features bird-shifters with supernatural powers, a beautiful amnesia love story, time magic, and love that beats the odds. Read on to see how author May Peterson uses the novel’s title to describe all the amazing elements you’ll find in Ari and Hei’s story. T is for time mending, a witchcraft for second chances. H is for Hei, a mysterious but charming wanderer who falls from the sky. E is for erotic chemistry, something Ari and Hei have a great deal of. * I is for immortality, the common gift of the moon-souls. M is for memory, a commodity as fine as gems in the streets of Serenity. M is for moon-souls, the dead resurrected by the power of noble beast spirits. O is for original life, that which Ari is trying to reconnect with. R is for resurrection, the miracle that brings about living-again. T is for Tamueji, a merchant of knowledge who can drink anyone under the table. A is for Ari, a sleepy dove-soul who doesn’t remember his mortal life. L is for living-again, those raised…