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Michelle Dayton | Top 5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Perfect Season to Read a Romance
Author Guest / October 19, 2018

My new book, Quick Fall, is set solely in the timeframe between Labor Day weekend and mid-November.  I was settling in with some recently downloaded books on my Kindle last week and I kept scrolling past thrillers and deep dramas looking for something a bit lighter, something with a guaranteed happily-ever-after.  It made me realize just how much I love reading romance in the Fall season … here are five reasons I think you should too! 5. In the real world, Fall is a very serious season.  Escape – in the form of a romance book – is a healthy mental choice!  If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time reading the news and hearing about world events on social media.  It’s hard on your mental health to constantly absorb the problems and negativity that are everywhere.  But reading a romance can give you a few hours’ breather! You can enter a world where the main concern is that your characters find a true emotional connection … and possibly, some amazing sex!  🙂  4. The holidays!  I love it when romance books have Halloween trick-or-treating or Thanksgiving dinner scenes.  It makes me look forward to those events in…

Author Reader Match | Michelle Dayton
MatchMaker / April 18, 2018

Writes: Contemporary romance, humorous women’s fiction, and romantic suspense. Her STRANGE TANGO series, a trio of romantic heist novellas, feature Adam, a professional jewel thief who meets his match in Jess, a brilliant techie on the other side of the law. The trilogy was recently published by Carina Press and is available now! What I’m Looking For In My Ideal Reader Match: Readers who love sexual tension and witty banter. Readers who appreciate multi-dimensional characters. Adam might be a professional thief, but he has a strong moral compass. Readers who like to travel to different cities and countries within the pages of a book. Readers who like to see characters stumble headfirst into trouble … and use clever strategies to get themselves out. Readers who enjoy watching a relationship develop … whether it’s to friends, or lovers, or partners-in-crime. What to Expect If We’re Compatible: Expect to wonder if becoming a professional jewel thief might be something you’d like to pursue. After all, Adam and Jess make it seem exciting! (Never mind all those times they almost get caught or killed.) Expect to have a yearning to watch “The Thomas Crowne Affair” or old episodes of “Moonlighting.” Reading about or…