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Monica Burns | What’s in a Title?
Author Guest / January 14, 2011

Thanks to Fresh Fiction for inviting me back to talk about my upcoming release, PLEASURE ME. It’s a story about an older woman/younger man story where the hero happens to be a virgin. When trying to come up with a title for the book, my editor and I bounced several ideas back and forth until we settled on PLEASURE ME. One of the really interesting things about my books and titles is that they often prove to have meanings that I don’t see at the time of their creation. I’ll be three-quarters through a book when I’ll write a scene which capitalizes on a minor plot point I’d written at the beginning of the book. It can be something as insignificant as a ring someone wears, something someone says or the actions of a minor character. Then later in the book that insignificant piece of information proves to be a critical component in the storyline. It’s not something that’s planned on my part. It just happens, and I love when it does that. I love how my characters or plots put twists in front of me that enrich the book through character development or surprise plot directions. It’s such a…

Candy’s Inside Books | September = Fall Season Preview and Great Reads
Candace Havens / September 6, 2010

It’s September. I can’t believe we are already into fall. Not only is school starting, it’s also time for the new television season. In October Discovery ID is doing a whole series, Hardcover Mysteries with authors Harlan Coben, Sandra Brown, David Baldacci, Kathy Reichs, Lisa Scottoline, Joseph Wambaugh and Sara Paretsky and others. They’ll be sharing stories about mysteries that have confounded investigators.. The new CW drama Hellcats is based on the book CHEER by Kate Torgovnick, and the show stars Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka. This is one of those series that surprised me by how good it is. The cheer and dance sequences are fun to watch, and there’s a great deal drama and college-aged angst. It’s definitely worth checking out. Overall, this is a pretty good season. Maybe not as strong as last year, but there is definitely a wide variety of shows from which to choose, and some great ones in the mix. That’s enough about television. I have a ton of books to tell you about this month, so let’s get to it. I love me some Eve Silver and she doesn’t disappoint with SINS OF THE SOULS, the second book in the Otherkin trilogy….

Monica Burns |Past Life Regressions
Author Guest / August 24, 2010

Hi everyone, I’m so happy to be here today, and a huge thank you to the Fresh Fiction staff for having me. It’s a real honor to be visiting here at their blog and chatting a little bit about my upcoming release Assassin’s Heart, which comes out September 7. I’m excited about the book for a number of reasons, one it’s Lysander’s story and he’s one of my favorite heroes of all that I’ve written to date. I love his and Phaedra’s story as well as the story of Maximus and Cassiopeia the ancient Roman couple in the book. There are a lot of reasons why I love Assassin’s Heart, but one of the biggest reasons, aside from Lysander, is the past lives aspect of the story. You see, I’m a firm believer in past lives. Why? Well, I guess it’s because I’ve lived many times before myself. Did your eyebrows just go up? A lot people do arch their eyebrows at me when I say that. I’ve even had people snort with contempt, with laughter and even tell me I need to seek mental health services. It’s okay, I don’t mind because belief structures are personal and rooted in…

Fresh Pick | ASSASSIN’S HONOR by Monica Burns
Fresh Pick / June 19, 2010

Order of the Sicari #1 June 2010 On Sale: June 1, 2010 Featuring: Emma Zale; Ares DeLuca 352 pages ISBN: 0425234169 EAN: 9780425234167 Paperback $15.00 Add to Wish List Romance Paranormal Buy at Assassin’s Honor by Monica Burns Bound by honor. Redeemed by passion. A sexy new adventure-packed romance with a paranormal twist-from the award-winning author. Archeologist Emma Zale sees the past when she touches ancient relics. It’s how she uncovered evidence of an ancient order of assassins-the Sicari. When a sinfully dark stranger shows up on her Chicago doorstep demanding an ancient artifact she doesn’t have, he drags her into a world where telekinesis and empaths are the norm. Now someone wants her dead, and her only hope of survival is an assassin who’s every bit as dangerous to her body as he is to her heart. Ares DeLuca comes from an ancient Roman bloodline of telekinetic assassins. A Sicari, he’s honor bound to kill only in the name of justice. But when the woman he loved was murdered, Ares broke the Sicari code and used his sword for revenge. Love cost him dearly once before, and he’s not willing to pay the price again. At least not…