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Carrie Turansky | Who Were the British Home Children?
Author Guest / June 28, 2019

Many readers are familiar with the Orphan Trains that took impoverished children from large cities in the East to live with families in small towns and on farms in the Midwest. But did you know during that same time period more than 100,000 poor and orphaned British children were sent from England to Canada as British Home Children? This child emigration scheme was started by those who had good intentions and who hoped to clear the streets, children’s homes, and workhouses of orphaned and abandoned children in England’s overcrowded cities and towns. The children were promised a better life in Canada, but sadly that was not the case for all of them. Most of these children were not adopted and welcomed into families. Instead, the boys were taken in as indentured farm laborers and the girls worked as household servants called domestics, even at very young ages. Those who took them in simply filled out a form and paid a small fee. There was little screening and often no follow up. Because of this, and prevailing attitudes of the time, many of these children suffered neglect and mistreatment. Many slept in barns or other outbuildings and were not given adequate…

Robin Jones Gunn | BECOMING US
Author Guest / May 10, 2019

Becoming Us is the 101st book by bestselling, Christy award-winning author Robin Jones Gunn. Her repertoire includes picture books, non-fiction, gift books, anthologies, a memoir, devotionals, co-authored works, and 48 novels. You’ll find an exclusive list of all her novels below. Robin and her husband live in Hawaii where she is currently writing the next book in the Haven Makers Series. Dear Beautiful Readers, I’d like to tell you a story. My birthday was a few weeks ago and two of my friends took me to get pedicures. As we were selecting our nail color, a woman came over and asked, “Are you Robin? The writer?” I nodded and she said, “You have to meet my mother.” I shook hands with a lovely woman who looked a bit older than me. The daughter explained to her that I was the author of the book, Finding Father Christmas, which was made into a Hallmark movie by the same title. She kept my hand in hers and started tearing up as she said, “Your movie changed my life.” I admit that I love Hallmark movies as much as anyone but I wasn’t sure how a heartwarming Hallmark Christmas movie could change her…