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Paige Tyler | Building the World of X-OPS
Author Guest / May 15, 2014

My upcoming military/paranormal/romantic-suspense-thriller from Sourcebooks, HER PERFECT MATE (Book One of the X-OPS Series) is set within our own world in the current time. In this series, the fictional Department of Covert Operations (DCO for short) is an ultra-secret government agency that pairs the very best soldiers, law enforcement officers, and spies together with shifters—humans that possess special animal attributes, like claws, fangs, fast reflexes, speed, endurance, and heightened senses. Humans and even animals as different from us a mice share a tremendous amount of DNA (something like an 80% match). Each have about the same number of genes, and it’s only a relative small number of genes that make us unique. For example, both humans and mice have a gene for a tail. In mice, it’s turned on. In humans, it’s turned off. This is how shifters exist in the world I created. They simply have certain animal-specific traits that are turned on—like claws, fangs, muscular strength, etc.). These shifters hide themselves in our world, rarely even knowing that others of their kind exist, and doing everything they can to keep their secret from the rest of society. The DCO stumbled over a shifter early in its history and…