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Patricia W. Fischer | Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby
Author Guest / May 14, 2014

This past weekend, I taught a class about writing a sex scene for non-romance writers. The Writer’s League of Texas had been so gracious as to ask me to come explain how the mechanics, the terminology, and every little detail of how “those” scenes are created. During the creation of my Keynote presentation, I pulled videos from movies to emphasize my point. We discussed details from when the sex should happen, why, how, who, and what is the motivation other than just getting off. To emphasize some of the points, I used video clips of the many movies I’ve watched and fallen in love with over the years. No, I didn’t show clips of Debbie Does Dallas or How I Did Your Mother, because any well seasoned romance reader knows that’s just the sex and we all really want to see amazing sexual tension. In the over three hour presentation, I showed clips from Don Juan de Marco, Mask of Zorro (with Tyrone Powers), the Mark of Zorro (with Antonio Banderas), Ghost, Pretty Woman, Easy A, 9 1/2 weeks (eating scene), and True Lies (strip scene). All illustrated the different aspects of what’s needed when writing “the scene.” I explained…

Patricia W. Fischer | It’s March. How are you Holding Up?
Author Guest / March 21, 2014

Like many of you out there, I made new years resolutions, some of which I’ve kept into February and others I ruined by the first week of January. (Damn you chocolate!) Of course, my goals were to improve my health, increase my completed published works catalogue, and bring about world peace…okay maybe not that last one. Maybe more getting all my laundry done on the same day, but it’s a goal. Now it’s March. I don’t know about you, but there are days where I don’t want to keep my resolutions anymore. It’s not that I like the piles of clean laundry on my couch or the fact the kids keep having sandwiches for dinner, but geez, this keeping the resolutions list going can be exhausting some days. In my first book, WEIGHTING FOR MR. RIGHT, the heroine Megan Sayla starts her year off by hiding out in the men’s bathroom of a carwash after running away from her own wedding. With no real plan, all she knows is her life can’t keep going on they way she’s allowed it. Change must occur, otherwise she’ll make the worst mistake of her life and spend the rest of her days trying…