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Charlotte Anne Hamilton | 20 Questions: THE BREATH BETWEEN WAVES
Author Guest / August 11, 2021

1–What is the title of your latest release? THE BREATH BETWEEN WAVES 2–What is it about? It’s an historical sapphic romance set aboard the fateful maiden voyage of RMS Titanic, where the main character, Penelope Fletcher, is moving to America and is sharing a cabin with Ruby Cole, a free-willed Irish woman who Penelope is immediately drawn and attracted to. 3–What do you love about the setting of your book? That it’s just one place? But in all honesty, the Titanic was such an incredible ship for its time and the sheer luxury and glamour of it was fun to reproduce while writing—even if the characters are sailing in Second Class and so don’t really experience much of the more lavish amenities. 4–How did your heroine surprise you? The way she handles the sinking. All throughout we see that Penelope isn’t really sure of herself or where she stands in the world, or with the people in her life. But the sinking brings out another side of her that I really hadn’t expected as I was planning and drafting it. 5–Why will readers love her love interest? Because she’s spunky. And outgoing. She is one of those people who has…

Hayden Stone | Exclusive Excerpt: AN UNEXPECTED KIND OF LOVE
Author Guest / August 9, 2021

We look at each other across the shop. Or, more accurately, I glare at her. Thankfully, there’re no customers present to witness my daily mortifications by a uni student barely younger than me who loves to mop up the floor with my pride. The truth is we met in a book club a couple of years back, and we became fast friends. She gave hilarious reviews, which turned out to be handy for the shop. She thought I was delightfully quirky. It would have been the perfect spring romance, except that I’m attracted to men, and I was together with my ex. At any rate, we’ve got the banter down, especially now that I rely on her help in the shop. Customers love her, too. She pretends to reconsider. “Or how about ‘Aubrey Barnes, Fierce Defender of Books’? That’s got a superhero thing going on. More sympathetic, I think. Am I right or am I right?” Gemma gives an impish smile. Once upon a time, I was just Aubrey Barnes, ready to go for pints or a gig or the occasional big night out. Back before life became too real. Now, I’m twenty-three going on forty-three. I sigh, noting the…

Rachel Reid | Title Challenge: ROLE MODEL
Author Guest / August 9, 2021

Thanks so much for inviting me to give readers a bit of info about ROLE MODEL! This is the fifth book in my Game Changers m/m hockey romance series. NHL star Troy Barrett has recently been traded to the struggling Ottawa Centaurs after calling out his Toronto teammate and best friend, Dallas Kent, during practice after learning some horrible things about him. On top of being disgusted by his now ex-best friend, Troy has also been recently dumped by his secret boyfriend of two years. Now he finds himself heartbroken, angry, and alone in Ottawa. Harris Drover, the social media manager for the Ottawa Centaurs, is friendly, cheerful, and openly gay. He is wary at first of Troy because he comes with a reputation for being a jerk, but he finds himself fascinated by the sullen, and undeniably gorgeous, hockey star. Harris is determined to make Troy smile, and Troy is determined to become a better man. R is for Rozanov, Ilya. He’s a major supporting character. O is for Ottawa, the city the book is set in. L is for laughing way too loud, which Harris does all the time. E is for eggnog season, Harris’s favorite time of…