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Sara Jane Stone | A Look Behind the Scenes of CAUGHT IN THE ACT
Author Guest / September 16, 2014

Set in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, CAUGHT IN THE ACT, the second installment in my sexy contemporary romance series, takes place in the fictional town of Independence Falls. (Some of you may remember the setting from the first book in the series, FULL EXPOSURE. Though I should point out that both books can be read as stand-alones.) The plot revolves around revenge, love, and logging. But the opening scene offers a glimpse into the Oregon that is close to my heart, my in-laws farm. My husband was born and raised in the Willamette Valley on acres of land with views that steal your breath away, especially when you’re visiting from Brooklyn, New York and long for mountains. About ten years ago, my husband (then boyfriend) gave me three cashmere goats for my birthday. He promised they would live with his mother on the farm. (Thank goodness! Our New York City landlords would have objected to livestock.) Fast-forward a decade and my mother-in-law now has a herd of fifty or so goats, and I still love visiting them. And yes, the pictures are all my mother-in-law’s goats! When I sat down to write the opening scene of CAUGHT IN THE ACT, I…

Sara Jane Stone | Top Ten Reasons to Make FULL EXPOSURE’s Eric Moore Your Next Book Boyfriend
Author Guest / July 1, 2014

As summer heats up (at least in my corner of the world), it is time to head to the beach, the lake, or a comfortable chair in an air conditioned room, and prepare to fall in love—with your next book boyfriend.  I would like to recommend Eric Moore, the hero of FULL EXPOSURE.  And before you ask, yes, as the author of his story, I am biased.  But trust me readers, the hero of this sexy contemporary romance is worth your time.  Let’s begin with #10 . . . 10.  Tall, dark, and handsome?  Check.  Oh, and his eyes?  A perfect blue. 9.  Drool-worthy muscles that make a girl wonder if he spends more time wielding chainsaws alongside his crew than behind a desk running his timber company?  Check.  But seriously, every romance hero out there is well built.  Time to move beyond the superficial. 8.  Loyal?  Check.  He has had the same best friend since grade school.  Eric even offered his best friend’s little sister, Georgia—who returned from her time serving her country with a wild streak a mile long—a job as his nanny.  Admittedly, he is starting to regret that decision.  Keeping his hands off the twenty-something Georgia…