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Delish Drummers and the Women Who Love Them!
Romance / June 20, 2018

I blame Fred Astaire. Years of listening to records entranced by the sublime staccato of his tap dancing made me naturally inclined toward a hero who can keep a good beat. There are a lot of romance novels featuring rock stars of every type. While reading Brooklyn Ann‘s recent book TEMPTING BEAT, I began thinking about just how many of my favorite books have diverting and delicious drummer heroes. “For life can be delish With a sunny disposish” Ira Gershwin “You know, you can be kind of intense sometimes, Malcolm Ericson. You come across as this happy-go-lucky-type dude most of the time, but you are in fact a man of many layers.” —PLAY by Kylie Scott I love a charming and witty hero. Mal Ericson, from Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, is the first drummer hero I read about. It’s easy to see immediately why Mal, a fan favorite, is still talked about years after his book PLAY came out. Mal’s manic energy, good humor, and highly amusing sexual confidence is vastly entertaining. Anne Rollins is fighting a losing battle trying to resist Mal’s charm once he picks her to be his fake girlfriend. Over the course of PLAY, Anne…

Get to know: TARA LEIGH
MatchMaker / September 5, 2017

Writes: Steamy contemporary romance. Her debut BILLIONAIRE BOSSES series will launch 9/5/17 with PENTHOUSE PLAYER, the first of three standalone romances featuring the sexy scions of Manhattan moguls struggling to find love and success on their own terms. About: Forty-ish romance writer seeks readers looking for a passionate peek into the tumultuous world of New York’s most beautiful bankers. Stocks and bonds aren’t the only commodities traded on Wall Street. Money, power, prestige, sex—they’re all available to the highest bidder. My ideal reader match: Loves a delicious cocktail to go with her Kindle. Finds bankers wearing bespoke suits sexy AF. Prefers their cocky with a healthy dose of cuddles. Enjoys a walk down Wall Street, preferably while wearing Louboutins. Reads fast-paced, high-stakes romance. Is a fan of ‘girl from the wrong side of the tracks meets boy who has it all—except for love’ stories. Binge watches Billions, loves The Wolf of Wall Street. Wants to engage over Facebook, Twitter, or through my newsletter. What to expect: Six books in the next 14 months! Wall Street series. BILLIONAIRE BOSSES: PENTHOUSE PLAYER, 9/17; DEAL BREAKER, 11/17; RISK TAKER 1/18 Rock Star series. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE: ROCK KING 2/18, ROCK LEGEND, 7/18; ROCK…