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Cindi Madsen | Title Challenge: HOPE ON THE RANGE
Author Guest / June 29, 2021

H is for the Heart of Turn-Around Ranch, and how it helps teens and adults alike O is for two Opinionated people, who argue about as much as they thinking about kissing each other. P is for Pining over your best friend, even though you know you shouldn’t. E is for the excitement of the town rodeo and how the two ranches are preparing for their showdown. On the R is for the two Ranches that neighbor each other, and the special spot in the middle Tanya and Brady have met up since they were kids. A is for All-Around Cowgirl, a title Tanya’s won in the past, and Harlow, the town’s good girl, is training for. If only Maddox, the bad boy who’s been sent to the ranch would stop giving her a hard time during training so she could better focus. N is for Nosy family members who’ve been trying to get Tanya and Brady together forever G is for Winston, the three-legged Goat that Tanya saved and acts as a therapy animal to scared horses. (Which is a real thing between goats & horses sometimes) E is for the big town rodeo Event with an Ending that…

Cindi Madsen | Exclusive Interview: A COWBOY NEVER QUITS
Author Guest / January 3, 2020

Welcome back to Fresh Fiction, Cindi! Please tell us a little bit about your latest novel, A COWBOY NEVER QUITS. A Cowboy Never Quits is about the Dawsons, who run a rehab ranch for teens, and a single mom who had a daughter at sixteen. Jess and her daughter have always been close, but they’ve been drifting apart lately, and when Chloe lands in jail, Jess is desperate to keep her from going down her same path and get her the help she needs. Even if it involves working for slightly grumpy cowboy, Wade, and taking a cooking job she may or may not have exaggerate how qualified she is for. This is the first book in the Turn Around Ranch series. What inspired this cowboy romance series? I grew up on a cattle ranch, and I’m a big believer in the sort of therapy that comes from nature, animals, and people who genuinely care. I’m also a mother of teens, and as I’ve talked to other mothers of teens, we’ve talked about some of the issues our kids are facing, namely anxiety and depression. I liked the idea of a close mother-daughter relationship, and a mom who was scared…