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Veronica Forand | A Kickass Heroine with a Heart of Gold

March 10, 2016

The heroine for my new release TRUE PERIL has a complex personality, but no one can say she’s a pushover.

Here are 5 things that make Eve a badass.

  1. She’s a graduate of the Police Academy.
  2. She’s an expert marksman.
  3. She prefers war zones to
  4. She takes on two rebel soldiers and wins.
  5. She points a gun at the head of the hero until he proves he’s on her side.

And 5 things that show her soft side.

  1. Her life’s work is to rescue children from being used as child soldiers, cooks, and sex slaves.
  2. She tries to take down an arms dealer, but works to protect his family.
  3. She offers herself in exchange for a teenage girl who is about to be raped.
  4. Even after being mistreated by her family, she returns again and again to give them another chance.
  5. She brings orphaned children into her apartment.

About Veronica Forand

Veronica Forand

A Bostonian by birth, Veronica Forand regrettably lost her Boston accent while moving from state to state and country to country. Cleveland probably had the most profound effect on her ability to pronounce the “r” in the word “park.”

She does try to return now and then to visit family and eat long neck clams and lobster. Summers on Cape Cod are also high on the priority list.

Her experience in crime involves time as a court appointed attorney. Eventually, she switched fields to where bigger crimes take place, corporate tax. The allure of spending mornings in her pajamas homeschooling her children and writing fascinating fiction caused her to change careers again. Now that the kids are out of the house (in school), she writes romantic thrillers by day and is the perfect wife and mother at night.

Her experience in romance is limited to one man. Luckily, he’s still finding ways to charm her by taking her on vacations to the south of France, Fiji, and the Green Mountains when time is short. Avid travelers, they love to roam with their kids across continents in pursuit of skiing, scuba diving, and the perfect piece of chocolate.

She’s lived in London, Paris, Geneva, Washington D.C., and the accent destroying city of Cleveland. She currently resides near Philadelphia.

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True Peril

She’s this assassin’s toughest assignment ever…
Socialite Trista Patterson has turned her back on her life of privilege and dedicated herself to helping others. Her mission to protect the world’s children often takes her into the bleak and violent underbelly of third world countries. When a kidnapping attempt goes wrong, Trista quickly finds herself running for her life…and married to a man she just met…as she’s placed at the top of the Cartel’s most wanted list.

Some days no good deed goes unpunished.
Dane O’Brien has spent his life in the shadows. Once a lethal assassin he grew tired of losing his soul with every hit, trading his gun and missions for a conference table and office politics as an undercover operative for the CIA. But when visiting his humanitarian sister turns deadly, Dane finds himself swearing to protect her beautiful and passionate friend Trista no matter the cost…even if it means stepping back into the world he swore never to return to. Although falling for the tough-hearted Trista is easy, keeping her alive is hard.

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