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Where is Kathy Lyons?

October 23, 2018

Guess where I was this weekend?

  1. Home with my feet up, my cat on my lap, as I binged watched Firefly and Serenity. (Again)
  2. Dancing with the Stars. As in out in my backyard with my husband as we celebrated empty nesting.
  3. New York to see as many Broadway shows as we could cram into 3 days.
  4. At Shameless Con in Orlando where a TON of fun is had by all.

Answer: D — Shameless Con! I met lots of great friends there—old and new.

Had a wonderful time at the Entangled Candy and Spoons party. (I was the dealer so my body was not in danger as people dove across the table for spoons and huge towers of books as prizes)

Kathy at Shameless

Here’s a picture of me at my booth before we started. And then there are great pictures of the Meredith Wild after party. So many great costumes! (It was Wild Circus themed)

And lastly, this is me dealing Spoons in Entangled Publishing Candy and Spoons event!


Whew! Then I rewarded myself!


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