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Spotlight on Gemma Halliday
Author Spotlight / December 26, 2012

Chick lit is dead. Or so I as told three years ago when my published decided to put an end to my first series, the High Heels mysteries. The High Heel mysteries were a chick lit series about a fashion designer turned amateur sleuth who had a bad habit of stumbling on dead bodies, as well as an incontinence attraction to a bad boy detective on the LAPD Homicide squad. At the time, I was sad to see the characters go.  Not only were they the first I had sold, but by the time the series ended I’d written five books with them and felt like I’d really grown with them. As my main character had met her awesome guy, transitioning from a single gal to a women in relationship, to a women on the brink of marriage, so had I. But, I trusted my publisher’s instincts and let my characters fade into the sunset along with the entire chick lit genre. And then along came self-publishing. Through a series of circumstances, I got the rights to this series back from my publisher at just about the time that the self-publishing revolution was taking place. So, I decided to self-publish…

Fresh Pick | DECK THE HALLS WITH LOVE by Lorraine Heath
Fresh Pick / December 26, 2012

A Lost Lords of Pembrook Novella December 2012 On Sale: December 5, 2012 ISBN: 0062219332 EAN: 9780062219336 e-Book Add to Wish List Romance Historical, HolidayBuy at Celebrate Boxing Day with a romance Deck the Halls With Love by Lorraine Heath Christmas is a time for miracles … and second chances at love. In her dazzling first Season, Lady Meredith Hargreaves gave her heart to Alistair Wakefield, the Marquess of Chetwyn, only to have it shattered when he proposed to another. And now that he’s free to pursue her? It matters little, because she’s on her way to the altar, heartbreak be damned. Chetwyn once set aside his dreams in favor of duty and honor. But as Christmas approaches, he is determined to put his own desires first and lure Lady Meredith back into his arms, where she’s always belonged. First he steals a dance; then he steals a kiss. But when they find themselves alone in an abandoned castle during a snowstorm, reignited passion consumes them both. And Chetwyn will have one last chance to steal back Meredith’s heart, once and for all. Previous Picks

Anna DeStefano | What’s Your Christmas Memory?
Author Guest / December 26, 2012

What’s most important for me this time of year is feeling that rush of memories and smiles and hopes for another holiday season like my favorite ones from before. I’ve heard a lot from readers who’re enjoying CHRISTMAS ON MIMOSA LANE, and one of the most comment reviews or emails I get is about past and present phenomenon. Yes, folks are loving the book. But more than that, they’re feeling the characters experiences—dealing with Christmases past, dreaming of perfect Christmases future, and embracing the hopeful holiday they want to embrace today. Because we’re never really feeling only now this time of year. We’re also sensing those idealistic holidays we’ve had before and wishing for even better memories to come. In CHRISTMAS ON MIMOSA LANE our characters deal with their memories (both good and bad) so they can focus on the beautiful holiday they’re making now. This is the only way for them to have their chance to be happy. Some of us struggle with being happy, too, this time of the year, while the rest of the world seems to be celebrating non-stop. Pete and Mallory and little Polly’s story is about realizing that you can make your holiday now…