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M.C. Planck | Author Reader Match: BLACK HARVEST

June 12, 2019

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the “Author-Reader Match” where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present M.C. Planck! 


Science Fiction and Fantasy


I was born in the USA and spent a good four decades there, studying philosophy at the University of Arizona and co-founding a small scientific instrument company. After that I spent a few years convincing missiles to fly but that was never really satisfying, so when I met an Aussie girl in an on-line debate forum I packed up and moved to Melbourne. We now have a brilliant daughter and two lazy cats, but sadly no kangaroos.


Readers who want to read about heroes, who care as much about the side characters as the main, who want a world they could imagine living in, who want to see happy endings even while they know that the real world does not sell its victories cheaply.


Realistic, believable worlds with real human characters even while they are zooming around in spaceships or raising the dead. Protagonists who always try to do the right thing, who always make the most intelligent choice, even though they live in worlds where good intentions and clever actions are not always good enough. Characters who worry about how their actions affect others, who view privilege and power with suspicion, and justice as the proper work of mankind. Worlds which are built on tragic truths and yet nonetheless leave room for bright flowers and sunny days.


Black Harvest is the final volume in Christopher Sinclair’s story. A mild-mannered mechanical engineer from contemporary American society finds himself in a fantasy novel, complete with stone bowls and wooden spoons, swords and crossbows, kindly priests and wicked wizards, and more monsters than you can shake a stick at.

But Christopher is not a fantasy hero. He just wants to go home to his wife. The people around Christopher, the servants and soldiers of heroes, are also ordinary people trying to carve out a living in a world where the nobility rule because they are more dangerous than tigers and harder to kill than elephants.

In this world, magic comes from consuming the brains of the dead. And magic is the only way he can go home again. Christopher has to find a way to gain immense power without losing his soul in the process. The tricks of modern engineering only get him so far; trying to juggle his duties to his friends among the common people and his desire to return to his wife forces him on a path that ultimately leads to a destination beyond his imagination.

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