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Fall Back and Get Cozy
Cozy Corner / November 7, 2017

The week of Readers & ritas is always a busy one in North Texas. Games to prepare, baskets to put together, and the dreaded hunts through closets for clothes that still fit. To top that off, I have edits to complete—Yikes! Needless to say, my thoughts are racing at night and going to sleep can be a chore. To relax and get my mind off my to-do list, I’ve decided to turn off all electronics and stop everything I’m doing at nine o’clock; which is technically ten o’clock if you’re having trouble adjusting to day light savings time like me. Sunday, I made a list of books to read in the next two weeks and started on book number one, which has proven to be a wonderful distraction. I hope you’ll join me on my quest for a good night’s sleep with a few entertaining reads that will make the rest of your busy life take a back seat for a few blessed hours of relaxation. A ROOM WITH A BREW by Joyce Tremel Brewing Trouble #3 Disaster is on tap in this all-new mystery from the author of Tangled Up in Brew. It’s Oktoberfest in Pittsburgh, and brewpub owner…

Fall into a Cozy
Cozy Corner / October 9, 2017

The cozy temps of fall are just starting to reach Texas, bringing with them one of my guilty pleasures—snuggling up with a fuzzy blanket and a good mystery in front of the fire pit in my back yard. The thought of sitting in my comfy lounge chair with the fresh scent of a fire wafting through the air has allured me away from my desk the last couple nights. Once the fire was lit, and the crackle of the sap mixed with the mysterious calls of the night birds down near the creek, I forgot about the work awaiting me. Experiencing the artistic paintbrush of the setting sun on beautiful night canvas while sipping rich hot chocolate, has been as important to my soul, as work is to my mind. Don’t resist the temptation. Take a couple hours away and relax with one of these cozy mysteries in your hands. DIAL MEOW FOR MURDER by Bethany Blake Lucky Paws Petsitting mystery #2 Even an experienced pet sitter like Daphne Templeton can be fooled by animal behavior: how can an adorably tiny fuzz ball named Tinkleston be capable of sudden flying leaps with cat claws bared? But human behavior remains even…

Joyce Tremel | Writing a Series
Author Guest / October 9, 2017

One question I’m often asked is, “Is it hard to write a series?” I think it depends on the writer. Personally, I love writing a series. At this point, I know the characters well. I know exactly how each one would act in any situation. Most of the time, anyway. They do surprise me once in a while. A character appeared in A ROOM WITH A BREW that I didn’t know existed until he knocked on the door. I was as surprised as my main character Max was. That was great fun! The characters I’ve created have become like family to me. Three books into the Brewing Trouble series I’m not even close to being tired of them. I love seeing how they grow and change from one book to the next. I also like watching the relationships develop—especially the one between Max and her chef-ex hockey player boyfriend, Jake. Some authors prefer writing standalone novels. They have one idea in mind and when the book is done, they’re ready to move on to something new. I’m not sure I could do that! I have a tendency to fall in love with the characters whether I’m writing them, or reading…