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Kathryne Kennedy | Opposites Attract in Beneath the Thirteen Moons
Author Guest / December 8, 2010

Hello Fresh Fiction and thank you for having me back again! I always enjoy talking to the fabulous readers of this blog! I’m here today to celebrate the re-release of my very first book, BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS, in mass market paperback, and I have to say, I just love the new cover. The book takes place on a landless planet where enormous trees grow up from the ocean floor, supporting all life within their canopies. The world was inspired by my love for the jungle (Tarzan, anyone?), for the ocean, and the city of Venice. If you’d like to know more about the creation of the world, please visit my website, but for today, I’d like to talk about my hero & heroine and how they are so opposite, and yet so perfect for one another. My hero, Korl Com’nder, is the crown prince of Sea Forest. Used to wielding great political power, he is also a victim of murderous schemes for the throne. He lives a life of luxury, is quite arrogant, and accustomed to living with rules and order. Mahri Zin lives in the wild swamplands of Sea Forest, beyond the city trees, which are larger and…

KATHRYNE KENNEDY | How to Undress an Eighteenth Century Gentleman
Author Guest / June 30, 2010

Hello again to all the Fresh Fiction readers! It sure is a pleasure to be back here, and I’m looking forward to hearing from all the kind people that I remember! I put together a simple cheat-sheet for writers about eighteenth century clothing, and I thought it might not only be a good guide for writers researching the era, but also a bit of fun for readers who love history (although you may want to note the changes I made because of the fantasy aspect of my world). So without further ado, here’s how you might go about undressing my hero, General Dominic Raikes, from my upcoming release The Fire Lord’s Lover 1. Shoes: First, let’s get Dominic comfortable be removing his shoes or boots. Like the women, men wore heeled shoes similar to our modern day clogs where you slip your foot in, but mostly of black with large buckles. The toes started out square, and went round by 1740. Pumps had low heels. I prefer my hero to wear boots, however, and many a military man wore them to a ball. I prefer the half jackboots, which ended below the knee in a turned-down top, made of leather….

Kathryne Kennedy | My Step By Step Guide To How I Get Inspired To Write
Uncategorized / December 4, 2009

Step 1:Get out of the house. People watch. When they speak, what mannerisms do they use? What features make them attractive? I often use the eyes, nose, and mouths of different people to create the image of my character. What color/style clothing are they wearing? How does it reflect their personality? I let my imagination run wild, guessing their background, what events in their life have shaped them, even what kind of day they are having based on their actions. All of this is great inspiration for developing my characters. Step 2:Write. My writing often inspires my next book. My upcoming release, My Unfair Lady, inspired my next few books. But what inspired My Unfair Lady? To read the rest of the STEPS OF HOW I GET INSPIRED TO WRITE and to comment for a chance to win please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Kathryne Kennedy | A Letter To Papa
Uncategorized / October 26, 2009

I’m so very glad to be back here again at Fresh Fiction, and very excited about my upcoming Victorian romance releasing in December, My Unfair Lady. Funny, adventurous and as always, a bit naughty, I’m introducing you to the heroine of the novel, Summer Wine Lee, through a letter she wrote to her father upon arriving in London in the summer of 1885 (that isn’t in the book!). As always, wishing you happy reading! Kathryne Kennedy. Dearest Papa: I have arrived in London and I must say it is not unlike New York, except that everything is so old here. If society knows I exist they do not care, for I have yet to receive a single invitation. But do not despair, Papa, for I am confident that my plan will be a resounding success. Indeed, I have met the gentleman who I have retained to insure my introduction to society, and he is a superior example of the breed. To read more of the letter please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Kathryne Kennedy | What type of shape-shifter are you?
Uncategorized / April 28, 2009

A reader commented that after finishing one of my books, she started looking at people differently. Started noticing that many people reminded her of certain animals. And then she had fun guessing what type of shape-shifter they might be. So let me back up for a moment. My Victorian fantasy romance series, The Relics Of Merlin, features all shorts of shape-shifters. In Enchanting the Lady, my hero is a were-lion. In Double Enchantment, my hero is a were-stallion and his sister is a were-swan. In my newest release, Enchanting the Beast, the hero is a were-wolf, and my heroine’s assistant is a were-snake. Click to read the rest of Kathryne’s blob and to leave a comment. Visit to learn more about books and authors.