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Lynne Marshall | The Scent of a Woman
Author Guest / May 24, 2019

In my newest book, His Second Chance at Forever, (Book #1 in the Santa Barbara Sunsets trilogy) I write about a nurse practitioner who has different ideas from her brooding doc boss. In fact, it’s a main source of conflict between them right off. One of the fun things I included in a small secondary thread was how Claire Albright believes in alternative approaches to medical care for all-around wellbeing. She also believes in the calming effect of certain essential oils. Jason his clueless, and at first, more than a little skeptical. For those who aren’t familiar with essential oils, they are concentrated forms of plants and flowers that are often used in massage therapy and aromatherapy. From my perspective, they are heavenly.  More and more people are discovering them, too. What about you? FYI: Breathing in essential oils goes to the part of the brain that is linked to emotions. Good ones. The soothing scents tend to cause a positive reaction in mood, blood pressure, and heart rate to name a few. If you suffer from white coat syndrome (fear of seeing your doctor) you might appreciate how Claire set up soothing aromatherapy in the office waiting room without…

Lynne Marshall | Thankful for THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE
Author Guest , News / November 22, 2018

On November 1st, 2018, THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, book number two in the Charity, Montana trilogy from TULE Publishing, made the USA Today Bestseller list! It is the first time one of my books has made it, and I couldn’t be happier. THEIR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Lynne Marshall Charity, Montana, #2 Hunter Wood wants to be respected. A talented cook, he’s ventured out on his own, opening a breakfast and lunch diner in Charity, Montana. He’s got a lot to prove–mostly to himself–and more than a few people to convince he’s a changed man. Tracy Blevin is a registered nurse and pie baker extraordinaire, who is drawn to a most unlikely man, Hunter Wood. A nurturer by profession, she likes to feel needed, but the only thing Hunter needs her for is her pies. Their friendship has changed over the last six months as business partners. The more time Hunter spends with Tracy, the more he finds things to like about her. She’s smart, organized, and…those bright green eyes and delicate mouth are really starting to get to him. Maybe it’s time to move beyond just partnership… When a Montana winter car crash leaves a baby an orphan, Godfather Hunter, lives…

Lynne Marshall Reaches a Milestone!
News / July 27, 2018

At Romance Writers of America national conference in July, I received my twenty-five-book milestone from Harlequin. Before and at the annual party, I was treated like a VIP and given a darling Harlequin pin with a tiny ruby in it. I have already written twenty-seven books for Harlequin, with three more contracted, which will eventually bring me to thirty. As a late bloomer, I didn’t start writing until I had, what I call, a classic “late” midlife crisis. I suddenly had to write a book! I never dreamed I’d get published, and it took me five years to do so, and twelve more years to make it here, so this milestone was a big deal for me. Which book was my milestone book? Forever A Father, the first book in the Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach Trilogy for Harlequin Special Edition. Here’s a picture of me just before I went into the VIP lounge for some extra special pampering.

Looking forward to 2018
News / January 5, 2018

Happy New Year! As always, January 1st is a time to reflect on what we hope to accomplish in the new year. I have big plans for the year publishing-wise, but am pondering how to move forward with the writing part. I’m super excited about my Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach trilogy due out March, April, and May of this year for Harlequin Special Edition. As if that isn’t enough, the first book will be my 25th with Harlequin. In the fall, I’ll have the third book in the Charity, Montana series released from TULE publishing. HEALING HEART ACRES is my working title, and honestly, I hope that title sticks! After that, I will self-publish two books that I’ve had the rights returned to me from Harlequin, with new covers and story updates. I’m calling this the Santa Barbara Sunsets Series. So, yeah, wow, six books I’m planning to have out in 2018, that’s a big publishing year! About Lynne Marshall Lynne Marshall has been traditionally published with Harlequin as a category romance author for more than ten years with over twenty-five books, and more recently with TULE Publishing, she has also gone hybrid with self-publishing. She is a Southern California…

Lynne Marshall | What’s New, Plus a Giveaway!
Author Guest / July 2, 2014

I have a friend who used to cut right to the chase whenever we saw each other after a long absence.  “New?” she’d say instead of “Hey, how are you, what’s new?”  Put on the spot, my mind always went blank.  “Not much.  You?” Things constantly happen, there’s always something new to share, yet we often don’t think our “stuff” is interesting enough—well, at least that’s how I feel—to tell the other person about.  My friend, Linda, must have thought I was the most boring person on the planet, when I was actually being humble. And considerate. On the other extreme—raise a hand if this rings a bell—how many have friends who think every little detail of their lives is worth sharing?  Admit it, you’ve made excuses to avoid them.  Ever seen someone like that in a store and pretended you didn’t notice them?  Who’s willing to admit that?  I’ll go first – YES. Is it human nature, or am I just weird? (Fingers crossed I’m not the only person in the world who does this.) When Fresh Fiction offered me the guest blog spot for today, I jumped at the chance, because there does happen to be something “new”…