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Marie Force | Defining A Hero
Author Guest / February 2, 2011

We’d all like to think that given the opportunity, we could be heroic. Last spring, I had my moment. I’m sitting in the bleachers at my son’s baseball game, chatting with the grandmother of one his teammates. Betsy and I hit it off from the beginning of the season and always had laughs together watching the games with the other parents. So along comes a line-drive fly ball heading directly at us. I wrapped my arms around that older woman, pushed her head down and protected her from certain injury. Well, that’s what I should’ve done anyway… What I did do was anything but heroic. I ducked behind her and let her shield me from the ball, which then—in a moment of cosmic revenge—smacked into my leg, leaving a gigantic bruise. When I emerged from behind that lovely older woman, I was in a state of shock. All my life I’d waited for my opportunity to prove that I was made of heroic stuff. And when the moment arrived, what did I do? Duck and cover, baby! We laughed ourselves silly over the entire episode that night and many nights thereafter. To this day, Betsy sees me coming and says,…

Marie Force | Launch Week for FATAL JUSTICE
Author Guest / January 6, 2011

Thank you so much for having me today to discuss FATAL JUSTICE, book 2 in my new Fatal Series. I thought it would be fun to talk about some of the ups and downs of writing a series featuring the same hero and heroine in every book. Each time I come up against how really difficult it can be to write the same characters book after book, I remind myself I only have one person to blame for these challenges: ME! After all, it was my big idea to write a romantic suspense series featuring the same couple in every book. Luckily, with three books written, a novella under way and a fourth full-length book contracted, I still love Sam and Nick, my D.C. homicide detective and U.S. Senator who are trying to make it work in the Washington fishbowl. After I finished the third book in November, it became clear to me that I need a series “bible” with a list of all the characters, what book they appeared in, etc. In addition, I needed to create “character sheets” for each recurring character that include everything I know about them. To give you an idea of how involved this…

Marie Force | The Unforgettable Hero
Author Guest / June 24, 2010

What makes a hero unforgettable? The answer to that question is no doubt different for each of us. We all have a certain idea of what we’re looking for, and of course no one guy is going to have every quality we’re seeking. However, romance heroes have to be a step above. They have to transcend our every expectation. Nick Cappuano in Fatal Affair is the man. Tall, handsome, smooth, elegant, smart, sarcastic, neat (to a fault), sexy, thoughtful, persistent, and (this is very important in Washington) well connected. By the time we finished work on the book, my editor Jessica were both in love with him, and kinda fighting over him if the true be told. I adore him. I flat out love him. I want him for my very own (but please don’t tell my husband that!). Nick is the kind of character who becomes so real, so tangible, that I find it hard to believe he’s not really out there moving and shaking on Capitol Hill. I’ve spelled out some of Nick’s finer qualities above, but there’s another fine quality that reviewers have pointed out more than once: Nick is not afraid to apologize when he’s wrong….

Marie Force | In the Hero’s Own Words
Uncategorized / July 3, 2009

I’m so excited to be here today to visit with all of you on Fresh Fiction. I love the name of this site. As a romance writer, I probably view the “fresh” part a little differently than some of your other guests. 😉 My new release, Love at First Flight, out this week, opens in the Baltimore airport when Michael and Juliana are on their way to visit their significant others in Florida. Both relationships are beginning to buckle under the strain of the distance, and they share their worries about what’s waiting for them at the other end of their trip. After they each endure a disastrous weekend, they meet up again on the flight home, striking up an unlikely friendship that leads to love. Read the interview by clicking here Visit to learn more about books and authors.