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Molly E. Lee | Top Five Fandoms
Author Guest / January 26, 2018

We all love our fandoms, right? I have so many but right now these are my favorites 🙂 Harry Potter I’m a diehard fan of this series and a proud Ravenclaw! My husband is a Hufflepuff, so we are a happy house united. J via GIPHY Game of Thrones I’m so in love with this show, and I’m in absolute agony waiting for the next season! We’re currently reading the books, still on book one, just to satisfy the craving! We are also of House Targaryen according to the quizzes we took. LOL via GIPHY A Court of Thrones and Roses I’m obsessed with this series and have re-read it several times already. I’m an honorable Lady of the Night court and never get tired of Wingspan jokes. 🙂 Stranger Things This is a newer fandom that I’ve recently fallen in love with, but it counts all the same! The writing on this show is so brilliant and I’m a huge fan of all the nerd-power happening on here!!! via GIPHY Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Can this count as a fandom? I mean, I seriously can’t help, but love anything these two do together. They never fail to make…

Molly E. Lee | Top Five Friends-to-Lovers Couples in Movies
Author Guest / November 25, 2017

Who are the top five couples in movies that started off as friends? This legit is one of my FAVORITE questions 🙂 If you’ve done any light stalking on me, you’ll likely know that my husband and I were friends for years before we woke up and realized we were soulmates 😉 So, naturally, one of my favorite tropes in books or movies is friends to lovers. Picking a top five was hard, but I seriously loved revisiting my favorite friendly couples! Below are my top five and the reasons why they make me swoon! Hermione and Ron from HARRY POTTER This is my number one friends-to-lovers couple because, well, I’m a total Harry Potter nerd! *Ravenclaw in the house!*There was something so beautiful about watching the progression of Ron and Hermione’s relationship throughout the books and movies. Their friendship was rocky at first and then grew into this solid foundation on which they shaped their lives. Then, once that spark was lit between them, and they gave into the chemistry between them it was like…BOOM! Now they have that great friendship dynamic plus the amazing connection when taking it a step further. It really sets them up for a…