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Sandra Hill | Sex And Smiles In The Stratosphere
Author Guest / May 21, 2011

So how do you like this Brave New World we are living in now, readers? And do you have any idea how much you personally are going to be forced to change your reading habits? I write funny sexy romance novels. Whether they be Vikings, knights, Navy SEALs, Cajuns, Creole planters, or, yes, even vampire angels, whether they be historical romance, time travel, or contemporary books, the underlying theme in all my books is humor and sizzle. For example, I have a new historical romance coming out in October, THE NORSE KING’S DAUGHTER, and a new Deadly Angels series starting in May, 2012 with KISS OF PRIDE, plus a gazillion reissues of all my Viking novels being put out monthly starting in January, 2011 through May, 2012. Not to mention my still-in-print Cajun novels, including SO INTO YOU. Thus far, all my books have been put out by traditional publishers, in both print and ebook formats. Vikings THE VIKING TAKES A KNIGHT 9/2010 DARK VIKING 10/2010 THE NORSE KING’S DAUGHTER 10/2011 I’m wondering, though, how readers, especially those who are new-to-me are going to find my books in the future, and that is true of all other authors, as well….

Sandra Hill | Aging Well
Author Guest , Guests / December 19, 2010

Some things in life age well. Wine. Scotch. Men and women with good bones and healthy physiques. Well-crafted furniture. Master paintings. And books. Yes, I said books. As I’ve been updating seventeen of my backlist titles for reissue in the coming year, I must say with shameless lack of humility that my books do age well. Going back to my first novel published in 1994, THE RELUCTANT VIKING , I have been reviewing them page by page, looking for errors, modernizing the content (Hey, Dolly Parton would not be considered the epitome of sexy lady today; nor would Kevin Costner, nor, God forbid! Mel Gibson, appeal to the younger reader). In the process of these new readings, I have been remarkably surprised at how enjoyable they are, even after all these years. And one added plus is that I get to make changes I deem necessary which has resulted in a major do-ever. I am “unkilling” two secondary characters in MY FAIR VIKING (now retitled THE VIKING’S CAPTIVE, January, 2011). Selik and Rain were the hero and heroine of THE OUTLAW VIKING, but I had them die in MY FAIR VIKING a few years later. Readers were outraged. So, voila!…

Fresh Pick | ‘TWAS THE NIGHT by Trish Jensen, Kate Holmes, Sandra Hill
Fresh Pick / November 30, 2010

November 2010 On Sale: November 1, 2010 Featuring: Kevin Wilder; Callie Brandt; Sam Merrick 260 pages ISBN: 1611940028 EAN: 9781611940022 Trade Size (reprint) $14.95 Add to Wish List Women’s Fiction, Romance Contemporary Buy at ‘Twas the Night by Trish Jensen, Kate Holmes, Sandra Hill Former title: Here Comes Santa Claus “Christmas or Bust!” The three bad-boy bachelors of Snowdon, Maine, have to make it to the church on time, or die trying. Due at a friend’s wedding on Christmas Eve, the Fearsome Threesome find themselves dashing through the snow in the goofiest bus on Earth — bright red vehicle filled with a bunch of senior citizens known as The Santa Brigade. Ho, ho, ho! Decked out in red and serving up holiday cheer to the masses, a Blue Angels pilot, a bounty hunter, and a former pro football player discover ’tis the season for folly as each trips over his heart to capture the love of the one special woman for him. And who is to say what they’ll find nestled in their beds as the stockings are stuffed and the gifts placed under the tree. Come along as the Santa Brigade serves up more than holiday cheer in…

Uncategorized / February 4, 2010

Is there anything more fun than discovering a new-to-you author, and then having the excitement of finding and reading that author’s backlist? This has happened to me over and over. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to come so late to some authors. Most recently, I was re-reading some old Maggie Osborne western romance novels, and when I was done decided to look for a similar writer. I found her. Cait Logan. Her historicals are great, just the right amount of humor against a western backdrop. The same happened with Mary Balogh, Dorothy Garlock, Lisa Kleypas, Karen Moning, Suzanne Brockmann, Georgette Heyer, Beverly Lewis, and others. I just read a good Elizabeth Hoyt book and will be looking for others by her. I’m especially pleased when readers tell me this about my own books. For example, VIKING IN LOVE, my first book from Avon and a return to historical romance for me, is the eighth in a loosely linked series. That means it is a stand-alone book and can be read out of order. I love when readers, late in discovering me, say they love a particular book and are going to buy my backlist. To read more of BOOK GLOMMING DON’T YOU…

Sandra Hill | "Food" For Thought And A Chance To Win
Uncategorized / October 23, 2009

A tsunami of monumental proportions is heading toward the book industry, and many of the millions of avid book readers across the country aren’t even aware of it. The “Brave New World” that will emerge after this “disaster” is here already, but its full effect probably won’t be felt for another few years. Maybe as little as five. That’s my prediction, anyhow. What will happen: More and more of your favorite authors will drop off the radar screen. I don’t mean the big names, nor vampires or erotica which are the only fiction selling in huge numbers these days, but a whole lot of others (many of whom would surprise you) won’t be around much longer. To read more about Sandra’s thoughts on changes in the publishing industry and to comment for a chance to win, please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Sandra Hill | Can we talk?
Uncategorized / March 11, 2008

About book covers, I mean. Oh, I know, this is a subject that has been beaten to death, but I’ve had some experiences of late that make me rethink some of my previous preferences. I love the covers for my Jinx treasure hunting covers, including my current WILD JINX, but I am being told by the powers that be that the big buyers do not consider these good sellers. Huh? I think they’re beautiful, and the colors make them pop. But, no, they claim that, unless you are a huge name, readers want to know exactly what the book is about, and that means people. In my case, probably shirtless hunks. Yikes! Talk about a blast to the past. I’ve been published for fourteen years, and I have twenty-five books under my belt. For years I got hunk covers, sexy hunk covers, some of which were downright embarrassing. Not so extreme as the erotica ones today, but sexy nonetheless. A few of them I call my “bag over the head” covers…ones that I would have to wear a bag over my head if I were doing a booksigning in the mall. I couldn’t wait until I became a big star…