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Kait Ballenger | Title Challenge: FIERCE COWBOY WOLF
Author Guest / July 29, 2021

F: Female Warrior I: Independent woman E: Enigmatic alpha R: Riding crop fun C: Convenient marriage E: Enemies to lovers * C: Cave secrets O: Old enemies returned W: Wolf Pack Run B: Birth of a new era O: Ominous messages Y: Young love lost * W: Wild wolf pack O: Only one I’ve ever really wanted L: Love wasn’t part of the plan F: Finally together as equals * FIERCE COWBOY WOLF by Kait Ballenger Seven Range Shifters #4 Cowboys by day, wolf shifters by night: These bad boys are ready to heat things up in a sexy paranormal wolf shifter romance from author Kait Ballenger. Packmaster Maverick Grey is reconciled to spending the rest of his life alone. No woman can compare to his former love, least of all Sierra Cavanaugh–a woman who makes level-headed Maverick’s blood boil with a fire even his worst enemies could never evoke… But then, with his reputation on the line, and the pack’s safety his primary concern, Maverick finds himself in need of a mate, and Sierra comes to him with a proposal. All she wants is to become an elite warrior, and she needs Maverick’s help to get to her goal….

Kait Ballenger | Exclusive Excerpt: WICKED COWBOY WOLF + Giveaway!
Author Guest / January 30, 2020

“I may look like a monster, but I’m not going to hurt you.” Her reluctance offended him more than he cared to admit. His reputation painted him in a grim light–and for good reason–and he knew that side of his face was hideous, deformed, but he’d just risked his life for her, saved her. . . and with them alone in his room like this, the thought of when he’d kissed her inside that godforsaken closet haunted him. He’d kissed her so thoroughly that the feel of her against him was forever seared into him. And then he’d told her it meant nothing to him. What a load of horseshit. “It’s not that. I was afraid I’ll hurt you.” She reached for him again. This time, she didn’t shy away. With gentle movements, she cupped his cheek and used a handkerchief to wipe away the fresh blood. Her touch was gentle, tender. Some of the nerve endings on that side were damaged, making it less sensitive, yet he was aware of her every movement. Rogue could count the number of times someone had touched him there on less than one hand. The stroking movements of her palm and handkerchief as…

Kait Ballenger | Cowboys & Wolves: Why This is the Mashup You’ve Been Waiting For + a GIVEAWAY!
Author Guest / June 20, 2019

Let’s get real for a second: paranormal romance readers are looking for something unique. We all love classic paranormal tropes, but in recent years, the true treasures among the genre have taken those classic elements and turned them on their head. Likewise, if you’re a western romance reader, you’re looking for the sexy tried and true cowboys you love but with an extra special, fresh twist. So what if I told you that you could have the best of both worlds? –Cue collective gasps! Paranormal romance with a western twist is exactly what you’ll find in Cowboy in Wolf’s Clothing, my newest release and the second installment in dark and dangerous Seven Range Shifter series, where the heroes are cowboys by day, wolf shifters by night. Now I’m not really one to sing my own praises, but since I’m here to convince you that cowboy + wolves is the mashup you’ve been waiting for, here are three reasons why I love writing the Seven Range Shifters. All the sexy alpha male angst, none of the alpha-hole bull… We’ve all read it—the alpha-male wolf shifter who is just a little too…alpha. And while I love a sexy alpha male shifter as…