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Fresh Pick | DIRECTIVE 51 by John Barnes
Fresh Pick / June 3, 2010

April 2010 On Sale: April 6, 2010 Featuring: Heather O’Grainne 496 pages ISBN: 044101822X EAN: 9780441018222 Hardcover $25.95 Add to Wish List Science Fiction Buy at Directive 51 by John Barnes The first book in a new post-apocalyptic trilogy from a master of the genre Heather O’Grainne is the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Future Threat Assessment, investigating rumors surrounding something called Daybreak. The group is diverse and radical, and its members have only one thing in common-their hatred for the Big System and their desire to take it down. Now, seemingly random events simultaneously occurring around the world are in fact connected as part of Daybreak’s plan to destroy modern civilization-a plan that will eliminate America’s top government personnel, leaving the nation no choice but to implement its emergency contingency program…Directive 51. Previous Picks

Carolyn Brown | I Love This Bar….Introducing The Honky Tonk Series
Author Guest / June 3, 2010

Good morning! Thank you for inviting me to stop by on my blog tour this month. I Love This Bar is on the book shelves ready for my readers to bust down the book store doors to get at one. Did I mention that my imagination often times runs wild and free and I get these amazing images in my head about how much my readers love my books? I Love This Bar is the first in the four book Honky Tonk series with Hell, Yeah coming out in August; My Give A Damn’s Busted in October and Honky Tonk Christmas in November. The series is centered around an old beer joint in Mingus, Texas called The Honky Tonk and the four bar owners who have no intentions of ever giving up their saloon…and the four sexy cowboys who are determined to change those sassy women’s minds. Daisy O’Dell is the first bar owner you will meet. And Jarod McElroy is that amazing cowboy on the cover of I Love This Bar. Want to read an excerpt that will tell you exactly what happened between them there at the first? Is that a big “Hell, Yeah!” I hear surrounding my…

Fresh Thrills | It’s heating up … Best Suspense novels for June
Fresh Thrills / June 2, 2010

It’s June and the Texas heat has settled in for the summer. If I’m not out the door by 6:45am, we skip the trip to the dog park because it’s just too hot. So, fun means indoor and air-conditioned activities. Movies, television, shopping, and going to the gym are all on the list. Of course, my favorite activity is curling-up in bed with a good book. Now that I have a new mattress (what took me so long?), napping and reading are my two favorite ways to relax. This month, there are some great choices in romantic suspense to keep you entertained while you stay cool. FADE TO MIDNIGHT McCloud Shannon McKenna Kensington; $20.95 I can’t wait to read McKenna’s latest addition to the McCloud series which answers the question—What happened to Kevin? Davy, Connor, and Sean mourned the loss of their brother, Kevin, in Edge of Midnight, Out of Control, and Standing in the Shadows. When the McCloud brothers discover Kev is alive, they won’t rest until they find him. Beaten and tortured almost to death, Kev Larsen was found eighteen years earlier in a warehouse alley. He survived his brutal ordeal, but his memories before that night were…

Fresh Pick | FREEDOM (TM) by Daniel Suarez
Fresh Pick / June 2, 2010

sequel to DAEMON January 2010 On Sale: January 7, 2010 Featuring: Pete Sebeck 416 pages ISBN: 0525951571 EAN: 9780525951575 Hardcover $26.95 Add to Wish List Thriller Techno Buy at Freedom (TM) by Daniel Suarez Everything is under control. Everything… Modern Civilization is about to experience a cold reboot … In one of the most buzzed-about debuts of 2009, Daniel Suarez introduced a terrifying vision of a new world order, controlled by the Daemon, an insidious computer program unleashed by a dying hi-tech wunderkind. Daemon captured the attention of the tech community, became a New York Times and Indie bestseller, and left readers hungry for more. Well, more is here, and it’s even more gripping than its predecessor. In the opening chapters of FreedomTM, the Daemon is firmly in control, using an expanded network of dispossessed operatives to tear apart civilization and rebuild it anew. As civil disorder spreads through the American Midwest, former detective Pete Sebeck, now the Daemon’s most influential yet reluctant-operative, must lead a small band of enlightened humans in a populist movement designed to protect the new social network. But the private armies of global business are preparing to crush the Daemon once and for all….

SHANA GALEN | Heroines in Disguise
Author Guest / June 2, 2010

Have you ever pretended you were someone you’re not? Have you ever masqueraded as someone famous or gone along when you were mistaken for someone else? I haven’t, but I’ve always loved stories where the heroines were in disguise. Think of Shakespeare’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, TWELFTH NIGHT, or AS YOU LIKE IT. Those are some of my favorites. And the best part? When the ruse is discovered, of course! And maybe reading Shakespeare all those years ago in high school and college was part of the inspiration for Sarah in my next novel, THE MAKING OF A DUCHESS. Sarah is an orphan and a governess for one of the top men in England’s Foreign Office. She’s a quiet, unobtrusive sort of woman who minds her own business until one day her employer tells her he needs her to become a spy. And the man he needs her to spy upon? Julien Harcourt, duc de Valére. Sarah doesn’t know anything about Julien, which is a good thing. If she knew how wealthy he was, how powerful, how intimidating, or how handsome, she would never have accepted the assignment. She’s pretty reluctant to accept anyway, but her employer makes her an…

Fresh Pick | WWW: WATCH by Robert J. Sawyer
Fresh Pick / June 1, 2010

WWW #2 April 2010 On Sale: April 6, 2010 Featuring: Caitlin Decter 368 pages ISBN: 0441018181 EAN: 9780441018185 Hardcover $24.95 Add to Wish List Science Fiction, Thriller Techno Buy at WWW: Watch by Robert J. Sawyer Award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer continues his “wildly though- provoking” science fiction saga of a sentient World Wide Web. One of the foremost science fiction writers of our generation(SF Site) comes to Ace with a trilogy of the Web’s awakening. Caitlin Decter is young, pretty, feisty, a genius at math-and blind. Still, she can surf the net with the best of them, following its complex paths clearly in her mind. But Caitlin’s brain long ago co-opted her primary visual cortex to help her navigate online. So when she receives an implant to restore her sight, instead of seeing reality, the landscape of the World Wide Web explodes into her consciousness, spreading out all around her in a riot of colors and shapes. While exploring this amazing realm, she discovers something-some other-lurking in the background. And it’s getting more and more intelligent with each passing day. Previous Picks

ASHLYN CHASE | Never Give Up!
Author Guest / June 1, 2010

I belong to a writers’ goals group. We happen to know each other through RWA, but other than that most of us have little in common. We write in all different genres, some have children, some don’t. Some work outside the home, and some write full time. Some are published, some aren’t. What brought this group about and keeps it together is a common purpose. We all want to reach our individual goals. What makes it work and continue to succeed is how we want the other members to reach their goals too, regardless of what those goals are. And our goals are as different as we are. One member had the courage to pitch to an agent with an unfinished manuscript. When said agent requested the full manuscript, she was honest and said it wasn’t finished. You’d better believe we were there, making sure she finished it! One member had never finished a manuscript. We were already chilling the Champagne, knowing she’d make it–and she did. Another member sold a four-book YA deal on a proposal! You can bet we’ll keep track of her progress. The general public has no idea how hard it is to stick to the…