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Carla Caruso | Nineties-spiration
Author Guest / March 31, 2013

I had my “coming of age” right when chick-lit and chick flicks were at the fore. I went from a teen to a twenty-something during the late nineties to early noughties. I’ve just written a book, SECOND CHANCE, involving time-travel to the summer of 1998, and I’ve realised that year (and the surrounding ones) defined me – and my writing. So here’s a list of some of my favourite reads from “way back when”. Hope you spot a few of your faves in there too!… · BRIDGET JONES. London writer Helen Fielding’s fictionalised newspaper columns about a thirty-something single woman were turned into a novel in ‘96 (and later another book and two films). They centred on a lass trying to make sense of life and love with the help of a surrogate “urban family” of pals – very much a theme of the nineties (think Friends and Sex and the City). · SEX AND THE CITY. Before Sarah Jessica Parker became “Carrie” was the anthology of New York newspaper columns by Candace Bushnell, based on her and her friends’ lives, published in ‘97. The phenomenon spawned a TV series and movies – plus, the current Carrie Diaries prequel novels…

Macy Beckett | It’s the thought that counts…right?
Author Guest / March 28, 2013

Hi, Fresh Fiction-ers! I’m Macy Beckett, author of the Sultry Springs series: where first loves find second chances. Today I want to dish about romantic gift-giving—you know, a gift that goes above and beyond the ol’ flowers and candy routine. Something with sentiment behind it. In my newest release, A SHOT OF SULTRY, Trey Lewis (who you met in book one) gives Bobbi a seemingly trivial gift that touches her deeply…a handheld Tetris game.  Why does the present resonate with her? Because she’s a slightly-neurotic control freak who likes to put everything in its place. Here’s an excerpt that explains how Bobbi feels: As she topped her own high score for the fourth time, she reflected that while Tetris wasn’t the most expensive gift she’d ever received, it was—hands down—the most thoughtful, because it showed that Trey knew her. He’d seen this game displayed by a cash register and had thought of her, and that was the real reward. This wasn’t some token present from the jewelry store like the hastily purchased white gold earrings her ex had given her for Christmas a couple of years ago. Lovely hoops, to be sure, but she must’ve mentioned half a dozen times…

Eliza Daly | Will the Real Mona Lisa Please Smile?
Author Guest / March 27, 2013

I’ve always been passionate about art and intrigued by art forgery. I decided to put years of study and research to good use by including both in my romantic suspense, IDENTITY CRISIS. As a writer, it’s great to be able to incorporate a personal interest into a novel. One item on my bucket list is to visit the top ten art museums in the world. I have six down and four to go. The first time I admired the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris, I couldn’t believe how small the painting is for being the most famous painting in history. But like everyone, I was curious about her enigmatic smile and I wondered what she was thinking while posing for Leonardo da Vinci. What I didn’t wonder was, Is this painting real? The painting was stolen in 1911 and was found two years later, which has caused some debate over the years as to whether the original or a forgery was returned to the museum. It’s estimated that 20-25 percent of all artwork in museums are forgeries. Thomas Hoving, a former director at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, stated that 40 percent of the artwork…

Anna Randol | How I Managed to Avoid a Life of International Crime and Fall in Love with Russia ~ Win SINS OF A RUTHLESS ROGUE
Author Guest / March 26, 2013

While I was in college, I had the opportunity to intern in Kiev, Ukraine. Days before the internship began, a few other interns and I flew into the London Heathrow airport to catch our connecting flight to Moscow and then on to Kiev. But when we reached London, there was a problem. Russia had changed their Visa laws a few days before, and now, even though we were never leaving the Moscow airport, we needed Russian visas…which we did not have. We managed to be bumped to a flight leaving the next day, so the next morning, we rushed to the American embassy and shelled out big bucks for expedited visas and returned to the airport…only to discover that our flight out of Russia no longer existed on the airlines records. And the next flight they did have wasn’t scheduled until the next week—long after our new visas expired. We were left with two options, cross out the dates on our visas and write in a new date accompanied by mysterious initials or fly to Russia pretending we didn’t know our next flight had vanished and hope the airline took care of it. (There was one other option that involved…

Fresh Pick | LOST IN YOU by Lauren Dane
Fresh Pick / March 25, 2013

Petal Georgia March 2013 On Sale: March 12, 2013 Featuring: Joe Harris; Beth Murphy 218 pages ISBN: 1619212854 EAN: 9781619212855 Kindle: B00ANHZ4VK e-Book $4.50 Add to Wish List Romance, Romance Erotica Sensual Buy at Celebrate the Sexy Lost In You by Lauren Dane It hasn’t been easy for Joe Harris to live down his not-so- honorable past, but the military made him a better man. He’s determined to make up for past mistakes, starting with coming home to care for his ailing father. Things are going as planned until his best friend’s little sister comes barreling into his life. Funny, quick talking, smart, beautiful, she’s a temptation he tries—and fails—to resist. When Beth Murphy hears Joe is back in town, she makes sure she’s the first on his welcoming committee. Though he tries to pretend he’s gruff and unworthy of her, she sees the man who spoils his dog, who touches her like she’s precious. Cherished. But there’s one wall she can’t break down—the truth about what’s happening at home. On the night the nature of his father’s illness becomes painfully, publicly apparent, Joe does the right thing—push Beth as far away as possible. But if he thought she’d…

Barbara Taylor Sissel | Celebrate with Wine
Author Guest / March 25, 2013

Our guest today is Barbara Taylor Sissel, an author, freelance writer, book reviewer, and editor. She lives and writes in The Woodlands of Texas. Her latest book from MIRA is EVIDENCE OF LIFE. To commemorate the book she had wine bottled and labels made from her cover. Here is what she has to say about why she did it. You had wine bottled and gorgeous labels made from your book cover image. What was the inspiration behind this wonderful idea? Celebration! I work with four critique partners. In addition to the diligent vetting of each other’s work, we’re each other’s cheerleaders. That support is really invaluable, because writing is mostly done alone; there’s a lot of waiting: to hear whether something has sold, and once it has, and it’s published, then you wait for reviews, and after it’s been out a while, you wait to hear about sales. By the time I signed my contract with MIRA for EVIDENCE OF LIFE, and a second novel, I’d been sending my manuscripts around for a while, a long, waiting while, and my partners were with me every step of the way keeping the faith and ladling on the encouragement. It took so…

This Week In Romance: Lauren Dane, Ruthie Knox and Kelly Jamieson
Romance / March 25, 2013

This week in romance it feels like spring has finally sprung, doesn’t it? Don’t know about you but we’re feeling the spring fever itch already and that means the time is right to load up with some great sexy-smart romance reads and enjoy them in a favorite outdoorsy spot under the warm spring sun. LOST IN YOU   First up this week is just released LOST IN YOU (Petal, GA #2) by Lauren Dane; a forbidden older brother’s best friend love story with a sure to please hero who’s stood up to his share of life’s demons only to find himself bested by one fast-talking Southern gal. Joe Harris has had to work like the devil to make good and live down his not-so-honorable past, but he knows his time in the military has made him a better man. He’s back in Petal, GA, making up for past mistakes, determined to right his wrongs, and that includes coming home to care for his ailing father. Things are going according to plan until his best friend’s little sister barrels into his life like a one-woman wrecking ball and Joe finds himself defenseless in a way he’s never felt before. She’s quick-talkin,…

Renee Pace | Angels they walk among us.
Author Guest / March 24, 2013

I’m a firm believer in angels. Why you might ask? Because I’ve faced death in the face and felt the comforting arms and whispered words in my mind, “It’s going to be okay. This is not your time.” Now that might sound fictional but it’s not. I was 16 on my way to pick up a friend to go skiing and hit black ice. I had the choice of the lake, the car coming head-on or the embankment. I turned the wheel fast and chose the embankment, which meant my car rolled three times and at one point I even remember it standing on end until it luckily landed on its wheels. What did I learn? Life does flash before your eyes. What else did I learn? Comfort. I felt the presence of three beings in the car cocoon me and honestly those whispered words I wrote above. To this day I truly believe one of those beings was my best friend Sissy, who died of cancer when she was 12. I’m not sure who the other two angels where but I truly felt their love. It was like their arms had wrapped around me to save me that day….

Ann Lawrence | A Rebirth…the Difficulties of a Re-Release
Author Guest / March 23, 2013

Giving birth is really hard, but we forget the pain in the joy of the new baby. Writing a book is a little like giving birth as well, sometimes painful, mostly joyful. Rereleasing a book is like going through childbirth all over again. I’m joyful to see my novels coming out as ebooks, but suffering the pains that go with it. Old covers disappear like old friends, and I have to make friends with the new ones. How do you feel about covers? Do they make you want to buy a book? I’m a sucker for a great half-naked man but also for a misty Scottish coast with a castle in the background. My LORD OF THE KEEP is now available in ebook with a new cover. LORD OF THE MIST is coming this April. I received more mail on LORD OF THE MIST‘s cover than on any other. The artist, Jon Paul Ferrara, did a gorgeous job, and I have that cover framed over my desk. But I wonder . . . does the cover matter so much? My friends and I debate this all the time. One friend I’ll call Mr. SAMPLER, may pick up a book for…

Fresh Pick | BEYOND VALOR by Lindsay McKenna
Fresh Pick / March 22, 2013

Black Jaguar Squadron February 2013 On Sale: January 22, 2013 Featuring: Luke Collier; Megan Trayhern 282 pages ISBN: 0373278098 EAN: 9780373278091 Kindle: B009YF4UQW Paperback / e-Book $5.50 Add to Wish List Romance Suspense Buy at Continuing our military romance week Beyond Valor by Lindsay McKenna An Army of Two… “YOU MAKE ME FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE.” Luke Collier knows his duty. A marine corps combat medic, his job is to save lives-not satisfy his own desires. Megan Trayhern is his corpsman, but the beautiful redhead can’t be anything more. Luke has already given his heart once, and he understands the toll the corps can take on a woman, on a romance…on a marriage. Megan has her own mission. While she doles out medical care in the nearby village, she’s also gathering intel. It’s a dangerous assignment, one that the onetime military brat undertakes without fear. She needs to focus-and be careful-and the growing passion she feels for Luke can only put them both at risk. Honor binds them both, but the heart gives its own orders…. Rules and a harsh world can’t stop their love from growing Excerpt “Your number’s up, Luke,” Sergeant Bucephalus warned.   Navy field medic Luke…