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Dale Mayer | Corey: SEALs of Honor Excerpt
Excerpt / April 24, 2018

COREY by Dale Mayer SEALs of Honor #16 A voice from the past cries out for help and Corey finds himself reunited with the only woman who’d ever rocked his world straight off the axis. But twelve years is a long time apart. Both of them have moved on, but, tragically, Angela is no longer the lighthearted woman he once knew and loved. Caught in a nasty divorce and custody battle, Angela will do anything to keep her son with her. After seven years of a rocky marriage, she’s only just beginning to figure out what kind of a man her husband truly is. Angela makes it clear to Corey she doesn’t want or need his help. She’s got her own insurance to secure her case. But Corey is determined to shield his old flame anyway because she doesn’t seem to realize her “insurance” is more than likely to get her dead sooner rather than later. Given that Corey’s up against a man with no intention of letting his son go, it’s a race to see who ends up in a casket first. Romance Military [Valley Publishing, On Sale: April 10, 2018, e-Book, ISBN: 9781773360690 / eISBN: 9781773360683] Buy COREY:…

Dale Mayer | BRANDON’S BLISS Excerpt
Excerpt / March 20, 2018

On Sunday at 5:30 a.m. CST but 12:30 p.m. per WAT, Brandon cleared security and walked across the tarmac toward the next, much smaller plane. Harrison was at his side. Neither had said a word since arriving in Africa. Brandon had slept on the plane. If he could sleep on those US military cargo carriers, he could sleep anywhere. He presumed Harrison caught some Zs as well. Both knew what needed to be done, and they realized how important the job was. It was even worse that Bullard was the one in trouble. It was always harder when a friend or family member went missing. With Merk and Stone already over here, Brandon and Harrison knew they’d be met and debriefed as soon as they landed. But, in the meantime, traveling was a bitch. Before boarding the transatlantic flight, Harrison had brought out his laptop and said, “We’ll need to download some information first.” He quickly copied files onto a USB key and handed it to Brandon. “Just a little light reading. Make sure you’ve got it all down before we land.” Once the pilot finally gave the go-ahead to move about the cabin and to use the tray tables,…

Excerpt of EYE OF THE FALCON by Dale Mayer
Excerpt / January 10, 2018

Eagle went straight to the spare bedroom, wishing he had more hands available as he struggled to pull back the blanket so he could lay the broken woman on the mattress. She moaned softly as he pulled his arms free from underneath her. He raced to the bathroom, grabbed towels and returned. With a warm wet washcloth, he quickly dabbed her forehead, checking to see how severe the head wound was. His military experience let him know she likely had a concussion and would possibly need stitches. He was loath to call a doctor. And yet he knew he should be calling the police. He did a complete second check over her body, noting the ankle was continuing to swell and the injury was recent. The scratches he assumed were from running. Her feet would need to be soaked to see the extent of damage. Her ribs were bruised, her arms lacerated, the soft skin on her breasts reddened with angry burn marks. Grimly, he realized she’d likely been held captive somewhere, somehow. And for a long time. Until she found an opportunity to escape. The shoulder wound was the one that worried him the most. How long had she…

Excerpt / December 8, 2017

As soon as Jace left, Emily couldn’t get the idea out of her mind to visit the site of the two men’s drowning. She often went out in the field for things related to work. But this time it was personal. She considered asking for a day or two off work, but they were swamped. And seriously so. Now was not a good time. It was never a good time for a death in the family, though they were no longer family. She’d had no contact with them since she broke off the relationships with each of the three men. Although she hurt for the family, those weren’t close deaths as far as the company was concerned. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t well within the scope of her job to take a look at the accident site. She burrowed deeper into the files. The more work she got done the better. She could leave early if she got something more accomplished. By the time she lifted her head, it was late already. She groaned and looked outside. Being summertime, the sun was still above the trees. It’d probably take close to an hour to get to the river location….

Dale Mayer | Returns to the SEALs of Honor
Excerpt / November 9, 2017

Peace of mind was required to get a good night’s sleep. Feeling rough around the edges, Kai hopped into the shower just so she could wake up enough to start the day. A couple cups of coffee later and she was awake enough to figure out what she had on her calendar. She’d probably spend the morning in the office until meeting Ice for lunch. She glanced around her apartment and considered the emails she’d gotten. Maybe she should stop by the police station first. She didn’t want to be forgotten or her stalker file to get thrown in a corner. Maybe if they saw her face every once in a while, they’d realize how much of a person she was, not just a file or case number. That didn’t mean the cops weren’t doing their job, but she felt so helpless. When she’d had to deal with trouble before, she had a team beside her and orders to follow. And yet, here she was no longer part of the team, asking the police to step up and do the job her own unit would have done at her side. It felt odd and uncomfortable, and she admitted it made…