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Eliza Knight | 20 Questions: THE REBEL WEARS PLAID
Author Guest / July 1, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release?  The Rebel Wears Plaid 2–What is it about? The Rebel Wears Plaid is the first book in my Prince Charlie’s Angels series. I thought it would be a lot of fun to take some of the strong women of history who were immeasurable in their part during the Jacobite uprising and pair them with men who are equally patriotic to their cause. In Rebel, my heroine Jenny is a highborn lady, her brother is a powerful chief of his clan—but has sided with the Royal Government against the Jacboites, going against their people and everything their father and grandfather fought and died for. Jenny decides that she’s going to go against her brother—in secret—to fulful her family’s legacy, and it starts at a young age where she makes an oath with her childhood friends to see it through. By day she pretends to be the lady her brother expects, but by night she’s raising an army, gathering weapons and coin and support for the prince who will eventually land on Scottish soil from exile. She’s grown quite infamous as the Mistress J. While out on one of her missions she runs into a…

Eliza Knight | Five Things You Might Not Know About Archery
Author Guest / March 28, 2018

In my new book, THE HIGHLANDER’S GIFT, I had to do a lot of research about archery. The various bows, the parts of an arrow, and whether or not someone can use a longbow if they are without the use of one of their arms. In my story, the heroine, Lady Bella Sutherland, meets the hero, Sir Niall Oliphant, for the first time when they are children, at a skills tournament. She beats him at archery, but not by much! They are both extremely skilled. In fact, as an adult, Bella often practices with a blindfold on, or shooting apples and such off of her maid’s head (who is perfectly confident in this activity!) When Niall and Bella meet up again as adults, where our romance story begins, Niall has recently lost an arm in battle. He no longer uses his bow because of the injury, thinking it impossible. Bella is determined to help him regain that skill, which she knows was a vast source of pleasure to him, and hopes it will build up his confidence, too. How about a few facts I learned while doing research for this story? A bow and arrow can absolutely be used by…

A Highland Pirate’s Moral Code
Author Guest / October 26, 2017

From the perspective of Shaw “Savage” MacDougall Name’s Shaw, but most people call me Savage. I’m a Highlander, born and bred, proud of my Scots roots. Proud of my clan, the MacDougalls. Proud of who I have become. A defender of the weak. But I’m also a pirate. A ravager on the high seas. I pillage towns, I fight and crush my enemies. I love a good, hard whisky and a soft, willing lass. I wasna always a pirate. Born in Oban, Scotland to a cold bastard who sold me to a pirate king to gain his own freedom. Look at me now. I’m the prince of pirates, the leader of the Devils of the Deep. The world fears me, and yet those I save, worship the sea I glide on. I’ve never been in love, and I never will be. Love weakens a man—trust me on this point. I might be brigand, but I’ve got me code, too. Sit down and I’ll tell ye. Never trust a pirate. Aye, ye might be giving me a wonky eye at that one, but ‘tis true. Pirates canna be trusted. Unless they are a part of your brethren. Ye see, a pirate’s…