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Sara Reyes | Season’s Greetings…what are you reading?
Saturdays with Sara / November 30, 2009

Now that we’re in the beginning of the final countdown for the holidays, what are you reading? Is there a book or series of books you just feel compelled to re-read each year at this time? Or perhaps, you go looking for and save up the “holiday” books that started appearing in September. Or is there a favorite author who wrote some truly emotional book that touches you that you love to read again and again? My reading at this time of the year includes pulling out and dusting off my old Signet Regency Christmas anthologies. Stories by Mary Balogh and Barbara Metzger and Mary Jo Putney still make me happy to read. Then I’ll read a truly emotional contemporary such as Robyn Carr‘s Virgin River Christmas or Marie Bostwick‘s COMFORT AND JOY or SNOW ANGELS. One of the things we discuss this month at book club is, what are we reading for the holidays? It’s always good to get an idea of a new book or author to try out. I heard Susan Wiggs being discovered for the first time by one member and another willing to try Robyn Carr but the number of books in the Virgin River…

Daily Dose Holiday Blog Giveaway: Going Green with ARe Bucks
Holiday / November 30, 2009

Think Green this holiday season in more ways than one as author Kellyann Zuzulo is giving away $25 in ARe bucks. All Romance eBooks is an online bookseller who deals exclusively in eBooks. You can find all of Sapphire Blue Publishing’s authors listed there, moi included. This is a fantastic gift for readers of romance who also enjoy ebooks. Djinn in the Box A journalist by training, Kellyann has worked as a writer for Yankee Magazine, Cobblestone magazine, and national consumer and health magazines; as a book development editor; as a media relations representative; and as a director of communications for a non-profit. Her novel, A GENIE IN THE HOUSE OF SAUD, draws upon her experience as a former managing editor of two publications for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, DC. Her second novel, The Third Wish is available in eBook from Sapphrie Blue Publishing. Kellyann is a smoking hot writer and a terrific storyteller. So enjoy the chance to go green this holiday and nominate a friend or family member to win. Click here to read how to enter Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK by Kat Martin
Fresh Pick / November 30, 2009

October 2009On Sale: October 13, 2009Featuring: Teddy Winters160 pages ISBN: 1593155476EAN: 9781593155476Hardcover$14.95 Romance Buy at The Christmas Clock by Kat Martin Bestselling romance author Kat Martin presents a charming, inspiring holiday tale of love lost and found, and of bonds broken and healed. Teddy Winters was eight years old that Christmas, too young to understand all the undercurrents swirling around him in that tiny Michigan town of Dreyerville. He wasn’t able to value that Christmas for the miracle it truly was. Teddy only knew he wanted to buy the beautiful Victorian clock in the window of Tremont’s Antiques as a gift for his grandmother, Lottie Sparks, a woman desperate to find him a home before her rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s left him an orphan. Teddy didn’t know that in trying to buy the clock hew would meet Sylvia Winters and Joe Dixon, a coupe once in love, desperate to overcome the past. He didn’t know he would for a friendship with his neighbors, Floyd and Doris Culver, two people struggling to revive their long-dead marriage. He didn’t know that these people would fill his Christmas with magic and hope; that the ove of his friends would change his world, and…

Guests / November 29, 2009

Welcome to the survey says part two! This week I want to know do you have a genre preference? If you do does that mean you are or are not willing to read outside that genre preference? I am mostly a contemporary reader be it suspenseful, romantic, or sexy. I don’t do many paranormals, but did read and truly enjoyed Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. I did read the second in the series, but it was not enjoyed as much as the first, and therefore the third is still waiting, as are most of the paranormal books on my shelf. To read the rest of THE SURVEY SAYS PART TWO please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Daily Dose Holiday Blog Giveaway: Joss Whedon, Spike and Candace Havens
Daily Dose / November 29, 2009

In lieu of our traditional Sunday Snips and Clips feature, welcome to another holiday blog giveaway. Today, I am offering Joss Whedon, The Genius Behind Buffy by Candace Havens. You may have read Candace’s books featuring Bronwyn the witch or the Caruthers sisters, but this is a totally different kind of book. Candy takes you in depth with the genius mind that created Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse. His creativity is a modern day legend, creating rabid fan bases wherever he goes. The man’s comprehension of zeitgeist and pop culture is unmatched. It is a great way to dig deep and get to know him better. Learn more about today’s giveaway and learn how to enter… Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Anya Bast, Allyson James, Angela Knight, Lora Leigh
Fresh Pick / November 29, 2009

October 2009On Sale: September 29, 2009384 pages ISBN: 0515147001EAN: 9780515147001Paperback$7.99 Romance Anthology, Romance Paranormal Buy at Start off the Holidays… Hot For The Holidaysby Anya Bast, Allyson James, Angela Knight, Lora Leigh Four all-new paranormal romance novellas to fire up the coldest nights… Something passionate.Something mysterious.Something sexy.And something totally inviting. Featuring four all-new novellas of sensual surprises and seasonal spirits, this collection includes a new tale of the Breeds from Lora Leigh and a return to the world of the Mageverse from Angela Knight. Vampire’s Ball by Angela KnightKat Danilo’s childhood turned tragic when her sister become the victim of a serial killer. Years later, she gets a chance at justice when she discovers she’d the daughter of Lancelot, vampire knight of the Round Table. But first, she’s got to convince a handsome vampire warrior that she’s worthy to gain the magical powers that are her birthright—powers that might help her find her sister’s killer. If the murderer doesn’t find her first…. Sweet Enchantment by Anya BastThis novella provides a first taste of the world in which Anya’s new Dark Magick series is set. A Little Night Magic by Allyson JamesThe town of Magellan is famous for its woo-woo…

Daily Dose | Saturday Smack Down: The Hollows versus Atlanta…
Daily Dose / November 28, 2009

Today’s Saturday Smack Down takes on a different twist as we pit world against world, colorful existence against colorful existence and the rich characters that populate both. In this corner, weighing in with over a half-dozen books are The Hollows by Kim Harrison and in our opposing corner are the lands of future Atlanta by Ilona Andrews. Each world is so vivid and real, it is easy to imagine walking around the corner and right into the pages of these wonderful novels. As always, your vote decides which one you would most like to visit? Which one could you see as a great vacation destination? In honor of our holiday giveaway, I want to give a gift of my own. This week’s winner will receive a $10 Gift Certificate to Barnes and Noble. Learn about the two contenders and how to win… Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Fresh Pick | FADE OUT by Rachel Caine
Fresh Pick / November 28, 2009

Morganville Vampires #7 November 2009On Sale: November 3, 2009256 pages ISBN: 0451228669EAN: 9780451228666Mass Market Paperback$6.99 Young Adult Paranormal Buy at Fade Out by Rachel Caine Without the evil vampire Bishop ruling over the town of Morganville, the resident vampires have made major concessions to the human population. With their newfound freedoms, Claire Danvers and her friends are almost starting to feel comfortable again… Now Claire can actually concentrate on her studies, and her friend Eve joins the local theatre company. But when one of Eve’s castmates goes missing after starting work on a short documentary, Eve suspects the worst. Claire and Eve soon realize that this film project, whose subject is the vampires themselves, is a whole lot bigger-and way more dangerous-than anyone suspected. Previous Picks Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Kate Jacobs | Memories, Holidays and Families
Uncategorized / November 27, 2009

We had the opportunity to pose some questions to Kate Jacobs for our blog today, so settle down and learn to know the author behind the bestselling Friday Night Knitting series. After the controversial ending of THE FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB were you concerned about the reception the ending of KNIT TWO would get? KJ: I always write the story I feel compelled to tell, though I do think of readers and their feelings. I really like the people who read my books! But ultimately I follow my instincts. You know, I chat about the ending of FNKC a great deal because I telephone book clubs regularly (readers simply contact me via my website). There are many readers who are upset by the death of a certain character in FNKC, and, by extension, upset with me. There are other readers who, like me, find it cathartic to grieve her loss. But it’s important to note that the plot twists are relevant to the themes of the book, to the ideas of recognizing how important our friendships are and how necessary (for us) it is to forgive and to absorb that sense of “why wait until tomorrow?” I also hope it’s…

Daily Dose Holiday Giveaway: Gift Certificates to Amazon
Daily Dose / November 27, 2009

Let’s kick our holiday season off right here at the Daily Dose. As Heather mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the Daily Dose is going to be hosting a giveaway of some kind everyday between now and December 19, so make sure you stop by regularly. Before we get to the giveaway, let us go over the rules: 1. You comment on the blog in order to be entered into the drawing. 2. You must include whom you want to give the gift. You do not have to name names or post their email information, just a short blurb about what they mean to you or why it’s important they receive it. You can be a real secret Santa as well. 3. Each drawing will last 24 hours unless otherwise noted. (7 a.m. to 7 a.m. CST) 4. Winners will be notified by email so make sure I have that or access to it via your profile. Upon notification, you let me know whom the gift is going to. 5. You may only win one giveaway, once you win one you cannot enter into anymore. 6. Spread the holiday cheer for everyone celebrating Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Yule, Christmas and more. Example…