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The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes — a possibility for an intriguing novelty
Guests / June 14, 2007

Jennifer Cruisie, Eileen Dreyer and Anne Stuart… who wouldn’t look forward to a new book by any of these authors?? Well in July St. Martin’s Paperbacks will have an intriguing treat for us avid readers. Apparantly, at some cocktail party at some conference the three tossed around an idea that sounds like a hollywood pitch session that combines the sisters of Charmed meets Bewitched with a boom chica bow mow soundtrack in the background…uh, that doesn’t sound good. The discussion actually started with erotic paranormal being the next big thing, then came the sisters with out of control powers, eccetera. It could have just been a joke to pass time at the party(wonder if mojitos were involved) but then a game of “chicken” ensued between the authors and TA-DA our reading novelty, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes was born. Now this is not just an anthology with each having a separate story but one story written together by all three of them. I can’t wait!! Will you be able to tell who writes each chapter or thread of the plot by their writing voice? Or will it be a new trick for publishers to trot out to increase sales by grouping…

Dreamin’ of my new books after the DARA Event
Guests / April 2, 2006

Wow! What a great night last night was. A roomfull of authors signing a ton of great books, photos, dinner before with my tea/book group(and authors) and did I mention the BOOKS! Here’s Judy and Tracey with Linda Lael Miller (check out that pink bag!) Just in case you don’t know already… DARA’s annual “Dreamin’ In Dallas” booksigning event was held in Richardson, TX last night. Proceeds from the book sale went to a women’s shelter. And, all the local and regional author members of DARA were there to sign their books, pose for a few pictures and offer kind words to aspiring authors and avid readers alike. Here’s Lori Wilde signing a copy of her latest release. It has a comic book/graphic novel hook–I can’t wait to start that one!) I managed(just barely) to keep myself from going too far over my book budget, while in the back of my mind was that “charitable proceeds” refrain to help ease the guilt. Am I ever glad Sara chose that night to unveil the new Fresh Fiction tote bags. Not only is is a lovely shade of pink, nice logo, good size, etc. but it really came in handy for all…

Happy Birthday, Shelley Bradley! And, nice booksigning too!
Guests / January 23, 2006

Saturday afternoons are always busy in the Metroplex — this past one was no exception, but I, along with (K and S) managed to attend the booksigning for Shelley Bradley’s latest Berkley Sensation, Bound and Determined. It was a little different from most signings–there was CHOCOLATE CAKE!! The author, not sharing her age, is not just launching a new title but celebrating her birthday at the same time. Shelley says she likes writing contemporaries a little more than her past medievals and regencies because she can write the way she thinks instead of spending extra time trying to express, for instance, how someone would say “Bite me!” in historical time periods. When you think of it that way, it would have to be more comfortable to write in the current day. She also shared that Bound and Determined is the first book of a four part series. The next title, Strip Search (the story of Kerry’s brother), is due out in July. She also has a title coming out later this year in the Blaze line, but I apologize because I cannot remember what it will be called. Like most authors, she isn’t in control of the cover art of…

Dinner with Mystery Trio
Guests / October 28, 2005

From left: Susan Winn, Deborah Crombie, Marcia Talley, Kate Charles Really enjoyed having dinner at LeMadeline with Marcia Talley, Kate Charles and Deborah Crombie the other night at La Madeleine in Plano. Then the talk they gave at the signing was very informative. Each of them writes stories in settings they are passionate. Marcia talked about her perks of being an author in Annapolis. Deborah talked about her love of London and trips she makes yearly. Kate talked about women in the Anglican church. And to think, they all write mysteries within those settings! We bought lots of books and had a swell time! Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Pics from the GMMC in the "Little Apple"
Guests / October 12, 2005

Sorry its taken so long to get my pictures posted, but a dead, possessed (another story), jinxed computer is to blame. Clockwise: In the peacock blue jacket, Fresh Fiction’s own Tanzey Cutter, Joanna Carl, Patricia Sprinkle, Susan Wittig Albert and Shelly Rubin attending the opening tea of the 2005 Manhattan Mystery Conclave. Signings were held throughout the day; this is the best pic I got as both Patricia Sprinkle and Lisa Harkrader agreed to pose for me. Shown here with their latest titles respectively, Who Killed the Queen of Clubs? and Airball, My Life in Briefs This one is during the panel: All About Genres. Seen here (from Right) is moderator Linda Madl,paranormal author included in Trespassing Time, Charlene Newcomb, a Star Wars series author, and C.J. Winters, author of cozy time travel stories set in Kansas and Arkansas. Another panel: Tapping the Past. Author Warren Bull, one of the Manhattan Mysteries short story winners and Susan Wittig Albert, author of the Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales seen here fielding questions on historical accuracy and rights of document use. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Big Mystery Conference in the Little Apple
Guests / October 5, 2005

Manhattan…ah the bright lights, the big city, the corn. Corn?? Well I must mean Manhattan, Kansas which is where the 2nd annual Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave was held last weekend. A great road trip made by Sara and myself started off Friday afternoon with a lovely tea at the local Country Club. The clotted cream was excellent in my opinion but a little too thick according to Sara. A local bookstore provided three varieties of tea; Berry Earl Grey seemed to be the overwelming favorite. The event headliner was “America’s answer to Agatha Christie” Carolyn Hart; writer of the Death on Demand series. Other authors included Susan Wittig Albert, Patricia Sprinkle, Denise Swanson, Marcia Talley, just to name a few. Saturday was filled with thought provoking panel discussion sessions with topics like: Why Read Mystery? where mysteries were compared historically to morality plays and the classic theme of “good vs. evil” and our sense of justice can be satisfied. Knowlege is Golden! broadening your horizon of other fields added to the plot; feng shui, needlework, snipers… Long Gone–or Are They?…Ghosts! A WAY to serious discussion of campfire tales and ectoplasm. and many more but we had to pick and choose…

To Die For, or Not
Guests / August 1, 2005

Over the weekend I was in the mood for what we all call a “comfort read” but still didn’t want to re-read something, so I pulled out Linda Howard’s TO DIE FOR. Quite a few book-clubbers said the “voice” that the author used in this one was different from her usual and I have to agree. The first person style let me be a little more tolerant of a lead character, bouncy cheerleader, than perhaps I would have otherwise. What do you all think about this one? Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Meet another historical series you’ll want to read…
Guests / July 14, 2005

Just finished reading When We Meet Again by Victoria Alexander. This is her 10th Effington Family Regency and is in the same vein as the “Cynster” series by Stephanie Laurens. A passionate one night stand in Venice opens the action; an arrogant russian-esque prince and a ruined young woman coming into her own make this a really nice second chance at love story with some personal growth along the way for all the characters. Also, some good “laundry”, for those of you who keep up with that sort of thing. I’ll be looking for the backlist on this series. FYI, I even saw it on the shelves of both Wal-Mart and Target today when I cruised their book aisles. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Campbell Makes Love* and goodwill at bookstore
Guests / July 8, 2005

Just finished reading the second book by B-List cult movie and TV hero, Bruce Campbell. Make Love* the Bruce Campbell Way is a novelized “what-if” casting himself in a big budget film. It’s a hoot, in an irreverant, not take yourself too seriously way. Not only is it entertaining, but when meeting him at the local bookstore signing, he was a really nice guy; asking each person (over 400 were there) about themselves, their job, the summer heat etc. It didn’t start out looking like it was going to be a fun time, what with the arrows taped in serpentine patterns outside the store on the sidewalk of another 95 degree + day; cashiers and stacks of books also outside, ticket placeholders for access to the actual signing upstairs and the “RULES” sheet. Must buy book, only one item signed, only store personal operate can take photos, yada yada yada… Since we got there early, we managed to be in the fourth group of 50 allowed up the escalator into Bruce’s orbit. More taped arrows, on the carpet this time, die hard Army of Darkness fans weaving alphabetically thru the cookbook and literature/fiction sections. Finally, a big “X” (that’s right,…

Plum buzz can last…
Guests / June 30, 2005

Last week I read (in one sitting) Evanovich’s 11th Stephanie Plum adventure and while I whined about her bumbling, I secretly enjoyed every word of it. Good news. I’ve found another polish sleuth with another ensemble cast to make my enjoyment carry over into July. The latest, and second, in Lori Avocato‘s Pauline Sokol series, is The Stiff and the Dead. And it’s a hoot. Pauline, like Stephanie has stumbled into an investigating career. Only she’s not tracking bail jumpers but insurance fraud. This latest case has her falling back on her previous experience as a nurse to track prescription viagra abuse at her uncle’s senior citizen center. She even has a mysterious, elusive and single-named, Jagger, mentor in this investigation business. He appears at the most opportune times and the sexual tingles get her so distracted, she forgets whatever she might be doing. Hhhmmmm….. seem familiar?? Check her out. I think you’ll like her if you’re a fan of Evanovich. Visit to learn more about books and authors.